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     Post or Modify Date: October 20, 08
Catalog# Title                         Episode  Date    Hours   Stars/Comments
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        CBS   OLD GOLD CIGARETTES    Wednesdays 8:00 - 8:30 pm
        HOST/STAR: Nelson Eddy         WITH: Nadine Conner
        ANNOUNCER: Frank Graham        PRODUCER: C. Herbert
        MUSIC: Robert Armbruster
*na*     ?? Title Unknown ??               1  04-29-42  :30:00* "Tramp, Tramp, Tramp", "The Rosary",
                                                                "When I Was A Lad", "At Night", "I
                                                                Married An Angel", "The Star Spangled

*na*     ?? Title Unknown ??               2  05-06-42  :30:00* "The Ranger Song", "Thy Beaming Eyes",
                                                                "Joshua Fit De Battle Of Jerico", "The
                                                                Canadian Logging Song", "Hills Of
                                                                Home", "Anchors Aweigh"

*na*     ?? Title Unknown ??               3  05-13-42  :30:00* "Regimental Song", "None But The
                                                                Lonely Heart", "Lord Chancellor's
                                                                Nigtmare Song", Duets with Nadine:
                                                                "Because" & "If You Are Free", "The
                                                                Jewel Song" from Faust (Nadine)

*na*     ?? Title Unknown ??               4  05-20-42  :30:00* "Ride, Cossack, Ride", "Danny Boy",
                                                                "One Kiss" (Nadine), "The Cork Leg",
                                                                "Only Make Believe" (Duet with
                                                                Nadine), "Deep River", "My Own United

*na*     ?? Title Unknown ??               5  05-27-42  :30:00* "Your Land Is My Land", "Kashmiri
                                                                Song", "Celito Lindo" (Nadine), "I Got
                                                                Plenty Of Nothin'", "Thine Alone"
                                                                (Duet with Nadine), "Tomorrow"

*na*     ?? Title Unknown ??               6  06-03-42  :30:00* "There's Something About A Soldier",
                                                                "Brown Bird Singing", "Sleepy Lagoon"
                                                                (Nadine), "Hopak", "Home On The
                                                                Range", "I've Told Every Little Star"
                                                                (Duet with Nadine), "How Do I Love

*na*     ?? Title Unknown ??               7  06-10-42  :30:00* "Jericho", "Oh, That It Were So",
                                                                "Romance" (Nadine), "Carlo",
                                                                Cholmondeley Fair", "La Ci Darem La
                                                                Mano" (Duet with Nadine), "Marine

*na*     ?? Title Unknown ??               8  06-17-42  :30:00* "West Point Song", "Oh Promise Me",
                                                                "Romany Life" (Nadine), "Modern Major
                                                                General", "Sylvia", "Why Do I Love
                                                                You" (Duet with Nadine), "America The

*na*     ?? Title Unknown ??               9  06-24-42  :30:00* "Stout Hearted Men", "At The
                                                                Balalaika", "Tales Of The Vienna
                                                                Woods" (Nadine), "You Are So Young",
                                                                "Sailorman", "Aria From Thais" (Duet
                                                                with Nadine, "Army Air Corps Song"

*na*     ?? Title Unknown ??              10  07-01-42  :30:00* "You're A Grand Old Flag", "Drink To
                                                                Me Only With Thine Eyes", "Summertime"
                                                                (Nadine), "Back To Donegal", "Do Not
                                                                Weep My Child" from The Demon, "Song
                                                                Of Love" (Duet with Nadine), "Star
                                                                Spangled Banner"

*na*     ?? Title Unknown ??              11  07-08-42  :30:00* "The Caissons Go Rolling Along",
                                                                "Neath The Southern Moon", "March Of
                                                                The Grenadiers" (Nadine), "Rosalie",
                                                                "Red Rosey Bush", Barcarolle from "The
                                                                Tales Of Hoffman" (Duet with Nadine),
                                                                "The Lord's Prayer"

*na*     ?? Title Unknown ??              12  07-15-42  :30:00* "On Parade", "Cargoes", "While Hearts
                                                                Are Singing" (Nadine), "Song Of The
                                                                Flea", "I Heard A Forest Praying", "My
                                                                Heart Stood Still" (Duet with Nadine),
                                                                "Columbia", "Gem Of The Ocean"

*na*     ?? Title Unknown ??              13  07-22-42  :30:00* "The Riff Song", "Through The Years",
                                                                "Au Pays", "Old Faithful", "None Shall
                                                                Part Us" (Duet with Nadine), "Onward
                                                                Christian Soldiers"

*na*     ?? Title Unknown ??              14  07-29-42  :30:00* "O, Listen To The Band", "Believe Me",
                                                                "If", "All Those Endearing Young
                                                                Charms", "All Is Well", "Short'nin'
                                                                Bread", "Will You Remember" (Duet with
                                                                Nadine), "Where Else But Here"

*na*     ?? Title Unknown ??              15  08-05-42  :30:00* "Song Of The Flame", "I Love You
                                                                Truly", "The Blind Ploughman",
                                                                "Shaddrack, Meshak and Abendego",
                                                                "Indian Love Call" (Duet with Nadine),
                                                                "Marching Along Together"

*na*     ?? Title Unknown ??              16  08-12-42  :30:00* "Waltzing Matilda", "Trade Winds", "A
                                                                Policeman's Lot Is Not A Happy One",
                                                                "Gypsy Love Song", "Bess, You Is My
                                                                Woman Now" (Duet with Nadine", "Battle
                                                                Hymn Of The Republic"

*na*     ?? Title Unknown ??              17  08-19-42  :30:00* "Drums In My Heart", "At Dawning",
                                                                "Ballad Of Queen Mab", "The Song Is
                                                                You", "Love Me Tonight" (Duet with
                                                                Nadine), "Roadways"

*na*     ?? Title Unknown ??              18  08-26-42  :30:00* "Only My Song", "Water Boy", "Play
                                                                Gypsies", "Child's Evening Prayer",
                                                                "I'll See You Again" (Duet with
                                                                Nadine), "For The Flag, For The Home,
                                                                For The Family"

*na*     ?? Title Unknown ??              19  09-02-42  :30:00* "Song Of The Mounties", "When I Grow
                                                                Too Old To Dream", "Tatiana" from
                                                                Eugene Onegin, "The Owl And The
                                                                Bobcat", "Give Me One Hour" (Duet with
                                                                Nadine), "When Johnny Comes Marching

*na*     ?? Title Unknown ??              20  09-09-42  :30:00* "Song Of The Musketeers", "Loch
                                                                Lomand", "My Name Is John Wellington
                                                                Wells", "The Song Of The Volga
                                                                Boatman", "Sweethearts" (Duet with
                                                                Nadine), "Americans Are We"

*na*     ?? Title Unknown ??              21  09-16-42  :30:00* "Flying Down To Rio", "Sweet Song Of
                                                                Long Ago", "Tommy Lad", "Wanting You"
                                                                (duet with Nadine), "United Nations

*na*     ?? Title Unknown ??              22  09-23-42  :30:00* "Great Day", "I See Your Face Before
                                                                Me", "Duna", "Danse Macabre", "My
                                                                Hero" (Duet with Nadine), "Invictus"

*na*     ?? Title Unknown ??              23  09-30-42  :30:00* "My Gun And I", "I Send You Red
                                                                Roses", "Little Gray Home In The
                                                                West", "Captain Stratton's Fancy",
                                                                "Bombardiers' Song"

*na*     ?? Title Unknown ??              24  10-07-42  :30:00* "Crown Of The Year", "I'll Walk Beside
                                                                You", "With A Song In My Heart",
                                                                "Tower Of Babel", "Who Can Tell" (Duet
                                                                with Nadine), "Strike Up The Band"

*na*     ?? Title Unknown ??              25  10-14-42  :30:00* "The One Girl That I Love", "You And
                                                                The Night And The Music", "The Wreck
                                                                Of the Julie Plante", "O, Lovely
                                                                Night", "The Magic Of Your Love" (Duet
                                                                with Nadine), "America, Today"

*na*     ?? Title Unknown ??              26  10-21-42  :30:00* "I Love a Parade", "All The Things You
                                                                Are", "A Private Buffoon", "I Will
                                                                Give You The Keys Of Heaven" (Duet
                                                                with Nadine), "Praise The Lord And
                                                                Pass The Ammunition"

*na*     ?? Title Unknown ??              27  10-28-42  :30:00* "Rain Or Shine", "The Wedding Of Miss
                                                                Duck", "In The Still Of The Night",
                                                                "Brown October Ale", "Silver Moon"
                                                                (Duet with Nadine), "The Americans

*na*     ?? Title Unknown ??              28  11-04-42  :30:00* "Soldiers Of Fortune", "When I'm
                                                                Looking At You", "Route Marchin'",
                                                                "Lover, Come Back To Me" (Duet with

*na*     ?? Title Unknown ??              29  11-11-42  :30:00* "Work-A-Day World", "When Day Is
                                                                Done", "Give A Man A Horse He Can
                                                                Ride", "Hallelujah Rhythm", "Desert
                                                                Song" (Duet with Nadine), "O, Say Have
                                                                You Seen Your America?"

*na*     ?? Title Unknown ??              30  11-18-42  :30:00* "Semper Feratus", "Going Home", "By
                                                                The Walls Of Kazan", "That Would Most
                                                                Lovely Be" (Duet with Nadine)

*na*     ?? Title Unknown ??              31  11-25-42  :30:00* "Upon Our Wings", "I Saw You There In
                                                                The Moonlight", "Prayer For
                                                                Thanksgiving", "Begin The Beguine", "A
                                                                Frog Went A Courtin'", "American
                                                                Prayer"   Thanksgiving Program

*na*     ?? Title Unknown ??              32  12-02-42  :30:00* "You're Just A Wild Rose", "Softly As
                                                                In A Morning Sunrise", "Go Down,
                                                                Moses", "Carry Me Back To The Lone
                                                                Prarie", "No, No, Don't Do That",
                                                                "Soldiers' Chorus"

*na*     ?? Title Unknown ??              33  12-09-42  :30:00* "Song Of The Open Road", "Lindy Lou",
                                                                "Sandy River", "Tit-Willow", "The
                                                                Thing-A-Ma-Bob", "America United"

*na*     ?? Title Unknown ??              34  12-16-42  :30:00* "Little Girls, Goodbye", "Love's Old
                                                                Sweet Song", "Gwine Ta Hebbin'",
                                                                "Without A Song", "United Nations

*na*     ?? Title Unknown ??              35  12-23-42  :30:00* "Hold Your Hats On", "I'm Falling In
                                                                Love With Someone", "Russian
                                                                Sleighride", "The Old Witch In The
                                                                Forest", Christmas Program Medley:
                                                                "God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen", "O,
                                                                Gathering Clouds", "Silent Night",
                                                                "Hallelujah Chorus"

*na*     ?? Title Unknown ??              36  12-30-42  :30:00* "Deck The Halls", "The Old Refrain",
                                                                "At The Balalaika", "The Bell Ringers
                                                                Of St. Peter's", "Now Heaven In
                                                                Fullest Glory Shown"

*na*     ?? Title Unknown ??              37  01-06-43  :30:00* "Tramp, Tramp, Tramp", "A Dream", "I
                                                                Got Plenty Of Nothin'", "I Heard A
                                                                Forest Praying", "The Thing-A-Ma-Bob",
                                                                "Americans Are We"

*na*     ?? Title Unknown ??              38  01-13-43  :30:00* "The Ragers' Song", "Trees", "My
                                                                Heart's In The Highlands", "Back To
                                                                Donegal", Smilin' Through", "The Army
                                                                Air Corp Song"

*na*     ?? Title Unknown ??              39  01-20-43  :30:00* "Strike Up The Band", All The Things
                                                                You Are", "I Am The Monarch Of the
                                                                Sea", "When I Was A Lad", "Rose
                                                                Marie", "God Of Our America"

   Total Number of Titles:                                    * running time is approximate only
   Total Number of Programs: 39
   Total Possible Episodes:  39         Missing Programs: 39      Total Programs in Collection: 0

        Wednesdays 10:30 - 11:00 pm till 12-13-44 then Sundays 4:30 - 5:00 pm
        HOST/STAR: Nelson Eddy         WRITER: L. Roman
        ANNOUNCER: Frank Graham        PRODUCER: C. Herbert
        MUSIC: Robert Armbruster                                                 
111                                        1  09-20-44  :30:00* "Great Day", "The Rosary",
                                                                "Unsuccessful Serenade" by Brahms,
                                                                "Dance Of The Comedians", "Give Me One
                                                                Hour" (Duet with Gloria Scott),
                                                                "Pilgram's Song"

8674 A1                                    2  09-27-44  :30:00* "Strike Up The Band", "None But The
                                                                Lonely Heart", "Gypsy Serenade"
                                                                (Gloria Scott), "Major General's
                                                                Song", "Make Believe" (Duet with
                                                                Gloria Scott)

8674 A2                                    3  10-04-44  :30:00* "I Love A Parade", "The Blind
                                                                Ploughman", "A Frog He Went
                                                                A'Courtin'", "Oh, What A Beautiful

8674 A3                                    4  10-11-44  :30:00* "The One Girl", "Schubert's Serenade",
                                                                "Only A Rose" (Frances McCann), "It
                                                                Ain't Necessarily So" (Duet with
                                                                Frances McCann)

8674 B1                                    5  10-18-44  :30:00* "Drums In My Heart", "Gates Of
                                                                Saville", "Lord Chancellor's Nightmare
                                                                Song", "I'll See You Again" (Duet with
                                                                Frances McCann), "Brown October Ale"

8674 B2                                    6  10-25-44  :30:00* "Anchors Aweigh", "Say Love Is Not A
                                                                Dream" (Duet with Gloria Scott),
                                                                "Ricordati Di Me", "Song Of The Open

8674 B3                                    7  11-01-44  :30:00* "Your Land And My Land", "I'll take
                                                                You Home Again, Kathleen", "With A
                                                                Song In My Heart" (Gloria Scott), "You
                                                                Are Free" (Duet with Miss Scott),

8674 C1                                    8  11-08-44  :30:00* "Tramp, Tramp, Tramp", "Strange
                                                                Music", "Gwine To Hebin", "On Wings Of
                                                                Song" (Duet with Gloria Scott), "Crown
                                                                Of the Year"

111                                        9  11-15-44  :30:00* "The Men Again Are Free", "My
                                                                Message", "Back To Donegal", "You Are
                                                                Love" (Duet with Gloria Scott), "Give
                                                                A Man A Horse He Can Ride"

111                                       10  11-22-44  :30:00* "Oklahoma" (with the chorus), "Sylvia"
                                                                (spoken), "Chicken Dinner", You're
                                                                Everywhere" (Duet with Frances
                                                                McCann), "Come Ye Thankful People"
                                                                (with chorus)

8799 B1                                   11  11-29-44  :30:00* "Beyond The Blue Horizon", "Danny
                                                                Boy", "Londonderry Air", "Russian
                                                                Nightingale" (Lois Butler), "If You're
                                                                Anxious For The Moon To Shine", "Will
                                                                You Remember" (Duet with Miss Butler),
                                                                "Roll Along Home"

8799 B2                                   12  12-06-44  :30:00* "Rise And Shine", "Ave Maria", "Stars
                                                                In My Eyes" (Gloria Scott), "No, No,
                                                                Don't Do That", "While Hearts Are
                                                                Singing" (Duet with Miss Scott), "How
                                                                Do I Love Thee"

111                                       13  12-13-44  :30:00* "There's Something About A Soldier",
                                                                "I Love You" (from "Song Of Norway"),
                                                                "Italian Street Song" (Florence
                                                                George), "Short'nin' Bread", "You Are
                                                                The Song Of Love" (Duet with Miss
                                                                George), "Song Of the Open Road"

8674 C2                                   14  12-17-44  :30:00* "Upon Our Wings", "Troubador's
                                                                Serenade", "My Name Is John Wellington
                                                                Wells", "Indian Love Call" (Duet with
                                                                Florence George)

8674 C3                                   15  12-24-44  :30:00* "Hail Ye Time Of Holidays",
                                                                "Balthasar's Meditations", "The
                                                                Child's Evening Prayer", Medley with
                                                                chorus: "God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen",
                                                                "Oh, Gathering Clouds", "Silent
                                                                Night", "Hallelujah Chorus (from "The
                                                                Messiah"   Christmas Program

8674 D1                                   16  12-31-44  :30:00* "West Point Song", "I'm Falling In
                                                                Love With Someone", "Varlaam's Song",
                                                                "Seige Of Kazan" (from "Boris
                                                                Godounov), "Begin The Beguine", "Deck
                                                                The Halls"

111                                       17  01-07-45  :30:00* "Little Girls", "Goodbye", "Thy
                                                                Beaming Eyes, Au Pays", "Siboney"
                                                                (Rece Saxon), "The Lost Chord"

8674 D2                                   18  01-14-45  :30:00* "Wild Rose" (from "Sally"), "Come
                                                                Where My Love Lies Dreaming", "La
                                                                Danse Macabre", "Oh, What A Beautiful
                                                                Morning" (Duet with Judy Splinters),
                                                                "My Heart Stood Still" (Duet with
                                                                Gloria Scott), "The Winter Song"

8674 D3                                   19  01-21-45  :30:00* "Rosalie", "At Night", "Shadrack,
                                                                Meshak And Abendego", "Eggabread"
                                                                (Duet with Judy Splinters), "My Hero"
                                                                (Duet with Florence George)

111                                       20  01-28-45  :30:00* "Rangers Song", "All The Things You
                                                                Are", "Song Of The Flea", "The Blue
                                                                Danube" (Lois Butler), "Old Man River"

8799 D3                                   21  02-04-45  :30:00* "Rose Marie", "Elegy" (by Massenet),
                                                                "Ziguener" (Rece Saxton), "Judge's
                                                                Song" (from "Trial By Jury"), "Love Me
                                                                Tonight" (Duet with Miss Saxon), "My
                                                                Heart Is Sturdy North"

111                                       22  02-11-45  :30:00* "Stout Hearted Men", "At The Balaika",
                                                                "A Sailor's Life", "Be Prepared",
                                                                "Ombra Mai Fu" (from "Xerxes")

111                                       23  02-18-45  :30:00* "Marching Along Together", "Heart Of
                                                                My Heart", "Captain Stratton's Fancy",
                                                                "Don't Fence Me In" (Duet with Judy
                                                                Splinters), "O'er Meadowlands"

111                                       24  02-25-45  :30:00* "For The Flag, For The Home, For The
                                                                Family", "Neath The Southern Moon", "A
                                                                Policeman's Lot Is Not A Happy One",
                                                                "When The Foreman Bares His Steel",
                                                                "Magic In The Moonlight" (Corinna
                                                                Mura), "Road To Mandalay"

111                                       25  03-04-45  :30:00* "The March Of The Musketeers", "Romany
                                                                Life" (Florence George), "I've Told
                                                                Every Little Star" (from "Music In The
                                                                Air") (Duet with Florence George),
                                                                "Rodger Young"

8773 A5  "GUEST: INEZ GORMAN"             26  03-11-45  :30:00* Inez Gorman "Sing Hallelujah"

111                                       27  03-18-45  :30:00* "Flying Down To Rio", "In The Still Of
                                                                The Night", "Tower Of Babel", "Golden
                                                                Days" (Duet with Harold Hansen), "Play
                                                                Gypsies, Dance Gypsies"   Show of 3-11

111                                       28  03-25-45  :30:00* "Waltzing Matilda", "Little Gray Home
                                                                In The West", "Giannina Mia" (Florence
                                                                George), "High Flight", "Lover, Come
                                                                Back To Me" (Duet with Miss George),
                                                                "The Palms"

111                                       29  04-01-45  :30:00* "Soldiers In The Dark" (from "Runaway
                                                                Girl"), "Lo, Hear The Gentle Lark"
                                                                (Lois Butler), "Christ, The Lord Is
                                                                Risen" (with Miss Butle and the

8799 C3                                   30  04-08-45  :30:00* "Hallelujah" (from "Hit The Deck"), "I
                                                                Saw You There In The Moonlight", "One
                                                                Night Of Love" (Inez Gorman), "Rising
                                                                Early In The Morning", "They Didn't
                                                                Believe Me" (Duet with Miss Gorman),
                                                                "Silver Wings"

111      "FDR TRIBUTE"                    31  04-15-45  :30:00* "Let Not Your Heart Be Troubled", "Ave
                                                                Maria" (Jeanette MacDonald), "Ombra
                                                                Mai Fu" (from "Xerxes), "I Think When
                                                                I Read That Sweet Song Of Old"
                                                                (Jeanette MacDonald), "The Lord's

111                                       32  04-22-45  :30:00* "I Married An Angel", "Sweetheart
                                                                Waltz" (Duet with Jeanette MacDonald),
                                                                "The Italian Street Song" (Miss
                                                                MacDonald), "The Owl And The Bobcat",
                                                                Medley from MacDonald/Eddy films:
                                                                "Wanting You"; "Will You Remember";
                                                                "I'll See You Again"; "Indian Love

111                                       33  04-29-45  :30:00* "San Francisco", "Canadian Logging
                                                                Song", "Serenade By Carpenter" (with
                                                                Ted Paxton-piano), "Warsaw Concerto"
                                                                (Ted Paxton), "United Nations March"

111                                       34  05-06-45  :30:00* "Riff Song", "Duna", "Laughing Song"
                                                                from "Die Fledermaus" (Jane Powell),
                                                                "Surrey With The Fringe On Top",
                                                                "Furiant" from "The Bartered Bride",
                                                                "Why Do I Love You" (Duet with Miss
                                                                Powell), "Oh, Promise Me" from "Robin

111                                       35  05-13-45  :30:00* "On Parade", "Mother O' Mine", "When
                                                                The Boys Come Home" from "Bloomer
                                                                Girl" (Inez Gorman), "To The
                                                                Children", "Love's Old Sweet Song"
                                                                (Duet with Mrs. Isabel Eddy, his
                                                                mother), "American Salute", "The
                                                                Lord's Prayer"

111                                       36  05-20-45  :30:00* "Come To The Fair", "One Morning In
                                                                May", "Oh, What A Beautiful City",
                                                                "Lazy River" (Hoagy Carmichael-piano),
                                                                "The Wreck Of The Julie Plante", "June
                                                                Is Bustin' Out All Over" from

111                                       37  05-27-45  :30:00* "The Maxim's", "The Hills Of Home",
                                                                "Vilia" (Florence George), "O'Evening
                                                                Star" from "Tannhauser", "Joshua Fit
                                                                De Battle Of Jerico", "My Beautiful
                                                                Lady" (Duet with Miss George)

*na*     ?? Title Unknown ??              38  06-03-45  :30:00* "June Is Bustin' Out All Over",
                                                                "Through The Years", "Roadways",
                                                                "Sambalele" (Corinna Mura), "Mi Viejo
                                                                Amour" and "Clavelitos" (Duets with
                                                                Miss Mura), "When I Was A Lad"

111                                       39  06-10-45  :30:00* "Tokay", "Strange Music", "Pauvre
                                                                Martyr Obscur", "Desert Song" (Duet
                                                                with Rece Saxon), "Praise The Lord And
                                                                Pass The Ammunition"

111                                       40  06-17-45  :30:00* "The Bombardier's Song", "The Old
                                                                Refrain", "Stars In My Eyes" (Inez
                                                                Gorman), "They All Dance The Samba",
                                                                "La Ci Darem La Mano" from "Don
                                                                Giovanni", "Without A Song"

*na*     ?? Title Unknown ??              41  06-24-45  :30:00* "Regimental Song" from "The White
                                                                Eagle", "Smilin' Through", "Falling In
                                                                Love With Love" and "Lover" (Frances
                                                                McCann), "The Same Silver Moon" from
                                                                "My Maryland" (Duet with Miss McCann),
                                                                "Song Of The Volga Boatman"

8799 A1                                   42  07-01-45  :30:00* "You're A Grand Old Flag", "I Dream Of
                                                                Jeannie", "The Bell Man", "People Will
                                                                say We're In Love", "Rodger Young"
                                                                Final Show of the First Season.

111                                       43  09-16-45  :30:00* "Drums In My Heart", "None But The
                                                                Lonely Heart", "Roll Along Home",
                                                                "Song Of The Volga Boatman", "It's A
                                                                Grand Night For Singing"   First Show
                                                                of the Second Season.

111                                       44  09-23-45  :30:00* "A Heart That's Free" (Anne Jamison),
                                                                "The Owl And The Bobcat", "Someday"
                                                                from "The Vagabond King" (Duet with
                                                                Miss Jamison), "The Lost Chord"

8799 C2                                   45  09-30-45  :30:00* "Strike Up The Band", "When I Grow Too
                                                                Old To Dream", "Quand La Flamme" by
                                                                Bizet, "Oh, What A Beautiful City",
                                                                "Rose Marie"

111                                       46  10-07-45  :30:00* "Tramp, Tramp, Tramp", "A Love Song",
                                                                "When You're Away" (Anne Jamison), "A
                                                                Policeman's Lot Is Not A Happy One",
                                                                "When The Foreman Bares His Steel",
                                                                "Give Me One Hour" (Duet with Miss
                                                                Jameson), "Crown Of The Year"

111                                       47  10-14-45  :30:00* "I Love A Parade", "Smilin' Through",
                                                                "They All Dance The Samba", "Strange
                                                                Music" from "The Song Of Norway", "The
                                                                Road Building Song"

111                                       48  10-21-45  :30:00* "Stout Hearted Men", "The Rosary",
                                                                "Jealousy" (Kathryn Grayson), "Tower
                                                                Of Babel", "If I Loved You" from
                                                                "Carousel" (Kathryn Grayson),

111                                       49  10-28-45  :30:00* "Anchors Aweigh", "At Dawning",
                                                                "Matelot" by Noel Coward, "High
                                                                Flight", "Brown October Ale"

111                                       50  11-04-45  :30:00* "Beyond The Blue Horizon", "I Passed
                                                                By Your Your Window", "Habanera" from
                                                                "Carmen" (Rise Stevens), "My Hero"
                                                                (Duet with Miss Stevens), "Back To
                                                                Donegal", "I'll Follow My Secret
                                                                Heart" (Miss Stevens), "Song Of The

111                                       51  11-11-45  :30:00* "When Johnny Comes Marching Home",
                                                                "Sylvia" (spoken), "Judge's Song" from
                                                                "Trial By Jury", "Close As Pages In A
                                                                Book", "Rodger Young"

*na*     ?? Title Unknown ??              52  11-18-45  :30:00* Kenny Baker Substitutes for Nelson
                                                                Eddy, who is ill.

*na*     ?? Title Unknown ??              53  11-25-45  :30:00* "It's A Grand Night For Singing",
                                                                "I'll Take You Home Again, Kathleen",
                                                                "Chicken Dinner", "Matelot", "Play

*na*     ?? Title Unknown ??              54  12-02-45  :30:00* "Your Land And My Land", "The Hills Of
                                                                Home", "No, No, Don't Do That" (in
                                                                Russian), "Just For Tonight" (Duet
                                                                with Anne Jamison), "The Chinese
                                                                Roadbuilding Song"

111      "JEROME KERN TRIBUTE"            55  12-09-45  :60:00*  

8032 D1                                   56  12-16-45  :28:30  "Song Of the Mounties", "Ah, Sweet
                                                                Mystery Of Life" (Duet with Jeanette
                                                                MacDonald", "The Owl And The Bobcat",
                                                                Medeley: "Wanting You" (Duet with Miss
                                                                MacDonald); "Rose Marie", "Will You
                                                                Remember" (Duet with Miss MacDonald);
                                                                "Chansonette" (Miss MacDonald"; "Ill
                                                                See You Again" and "Indian Love Call"
                                                                (Duets with Miss MacDonald)

6496 D2  "CHRISTMAS PROGRAM"              57  12-23-45  :30:00  Walt Disney Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck
                                                                 "Hail Ye Time Of Holidays", "The
                                                                Twelve Days Of Christmas", "Christmas
                                                                Fantasy" (Eddy as Santa, Frank Graham,
                                                                Donald Duck, Mickey Mouse, and child,
                                                                "Peter's Song" from "Hansel And
                                                                Gretel", "Christmas Medley", "God Rest
                                                                Ye Merry Gentlemen" (Chorus), "Oh,
                                                                Gathering Clouds" (with Chorus),
                                                                "Silent Night" (Chorus), "Hallelujah
                                                                Chorus" from "The Messiah" (with
                                                                Chorus)    Christmas Program

6496 D1                                   58  12-30-45  :30:00  "Deck The Halls" (with Chorus), "Thy
                                                                Beaming Eyes", "Troubador's Serenade",
                                                                "Oh, What A Beautiful Morning", "The
                                                                Sleigh", "Auld Lang Syne" (with

111                                       59  01-06-46  :30:00* "Valencia", "The Old Refrain", "The
                                                                Ratcatcher", "Bess, You Is My Woman
                                                                Now" (duet with Anne Jamison), "The
                                                                Open Road"

111                                       60  01-13-46  :30:00* Ted Paxson, guest   "The Ranger's
                                                                Song", "In The Still Of the Night",
                                                                "My Wonderful One", "The Pilgrams'

111                                       61  01-20-46  :30:00* "Flying Down To Rio", "Deep River",
                                                                "La Raccouriment de Pui" ("Shortnin'
                                                                Bread'") with Benny Goodman, "I See
                                                                Your Face Before Me", "My Heart's In
                                                                The Highlands

111      "VICTOR HERBERT TRIBUTE"         62  01-27-46  :30:00* "On Parade", "Neath The Southern
                                                                Moon", "Every Day Is Ladies Day",
                                                                Medley: "Gypsy Love Song"; "Pretty As
                                                                A Picture" (Chorus); "Land Of Romance"
                                                                (Anne Jamison); "Because You're You"
                                                                (Duet with Miss Jamison); "In Old New
                                                                York" (Chorus), "Ah, Sweet Mystery Of
                                                                Life" (Duet with Miss Jamison)

111                                       63  02-03-46  :30:00* Guest: Oscar Levant   "The One Girl",
                                                                "Annie Laurie", Chopin Medley with
                                                                Levant, concluding with "Till The End
                                                                OF Time", "Route Marchin'", Gershwin
                                                                Medley: "I Got Plenty Of Nothing";
                                                                Rhapsody In Blue" (Levant), "Strike Up
                                                                The Band"

111      "BOY SCOUTS 36TH ANNIVERSARY     64  02-10-46  :30:00* "Be Prepared", "You're Everywhere"
         SALUTE"                                                (Duet with Marion Bell), "The Winter

*na*     ?? Title Unknown ??              65  02-17-46  :30:00* Jeanette MacDonald substitutes for
                                                                Eddy who is ill.

*na*     ?? Title Unknown ??              66  02-24-46  :30:00* Kenny Baker substitutes for Eddy who
                                                                is ill.

*na*     ?? Title Unknown ??              67  03-03-46  :30:00* Dinah Shore substitutes for Eddy who
                                                                is ill.

111                                       68  03-10-46  :30:00* "Rise And Shine", "I Saw You There In
                                                                The Moonlight", "The Bellman",
                                                                "Barcarolle" from "Tales Of Hoffman"
                                                                (Duet with Anne Jamison), "Come To The

111      "ST. PATRICK'S DAY SALUTE"       69  03-17-46  :30:00* "Back To Donegal", "Danny Boy",
                                                                "Kathleen Mavoureen", "Cork Leg",
                                                                Medley: "Killarney"; "Minstral Boy";
                                                                "Off To Philadelphia"; "Come Back To

*na*     ?? Title Unknown ??              70  03-24-46  :30:00* "Soldiers In The Park", "Carry Me Back
                                                                To Old Virginny", "Sailorman", "You
                                                                Are Free" (Duet with Anne Jamison),
                                                                "My Song Is Of The Sturdy North"

*na*     ?? Title Unknown ??              71  03-31-46  :30:00* "Lady OF Spain", "Believe Me", "If All
                                                                Those Enduring Young Charms",
                                                                "Clavelitos" (Duet with Corinna Mura),
                                                                "Major General's Song", "Ride,
                                                                Cossack, Ride"

8799 A2                                   72  04-07-46  :30:00* "Soldiers Of Fortune", "Softly As In A
                                                                Morning Sunrise", "Will You Remember"
                                                                (Duet with Jeanette MacDonald),
                                                                "Spring Is Here", "The Call Of The
                                                                Wild" (Duet with Miss MacDonald)

111                                       73  04-14-46  :30:00* "Tokay", "Beautiful Dreamer", "Oh,
                                                                What A Beautiful City", "A Frog Went A
                                                                Courtin'", "The Palms"

*na*     "EASTER PROGRAM"                 74  04-21-46  :30:00* "To A Wild Rose", "The Blind
                                                                Ploughman", "Keys To Heaven" (Duet
                                                                with Lois Butler), "Open The Gates Of
                                                                The Temple", Hymm Medley: "Come Ye
                                                                Faithful People"; "Raise The Strain";
                                                                "Allelujiah"; "Jesus Christ Is Risin
                                                                 Easter Program

*na*     ?? Title Unknown ??              75  04-28-46  :30:00* "Rosalie", "We'll Gather Lilacs",
                                                                "Heart Of My Heart", "Willie The
                                                                Whale" (excerpts with Chorus)

*na*     ?? Title Unknown ??              76  05-05-46  :30:00* "March Of The Musketeers", "One
                                                                Morning In May", "It Ain't Necessarily
                                                                So", "Just For Tonight" (Duet with
                                                                Anne Jamison), "Invictus"

111      "MOTHER'S DAY PROGRAM"           77  05-12-46  :30:00* Guest: Mrs. Isabel Eddy, Nelson's
                                                                Mother   "Your Land Is My Land", "To
                                                                The Children", "Tit Willow", "Mother
                                                                O' Mine"

*na*     "FROM TREASURE ISLAND IN SAN     78  05-19-46  :30:00* "Strike Up The Band", "At The
         FRANSCISCO"                                            Balalaika", "You Are Love" (Duet with
                                                                Frances McCann), "Roll Along Home",
                                                                "Old Man River"

111                                       79  05-26-46  :30:00* "June Is Bustin' Out All Over",
                                                                "Little Gray Home In The West",
                                                                "Shadrack, Meshak And Abednego", "They
                                                                All Dance The Samba", "The Road To

8799 A3                                   80  06-02-46  :30:00* "The Rangers' Song", "Tomorrow In The
                                                                Sky", "Tumblin' Tumbleweed", Cowboy
                                                                Medley: "The Lone Prarie"; "All Day In
                                                                The Saddle"; "Tomorrow In The Sky";
                                                                "Old Faithful"; "Rythm Of The Range"
                                                                (The Sons Of The Pioneers)

                                          81  06-09-46  :30:00* "The One Girl", "Through The Years",
                                                                "Schubert's Serenade", "The Toreador
                                                                Song" from "Carmen" (Anne Jamison)

   Total Number of Titles:   10                               * running time is approximate only
   Total Number of Programs: 81
   Total Possible Episodes:  81         Missing Programs: 14      Total Programs in Collection: 67

   Overall Series Totals
    Total Number of Titles:   10
    Total Number of Programs: 120
    Total Possible Episodes:  120       Missing Programs: 53      Total Programs in Collection: 67
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