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    Post or Modify Date: January 27, 17
Catalog# Title                         Episode  Date    Hours   Stars/Comments
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         NBC   PEPSODENT
         STARS: Van Heflin    
         Crime Drama      
42978 A  "WHO SHOT WALDO"                AUD  06-12-47  :29:30*  

82591A   "THE RED WIND"                    1  06-17-47  :29:30* William Conrad

*na*     "PITT 13"                         2  06-24-47  :29:30*  

*na*     "DARING YOUNG DAME ON THE         3  07-01-47  :29:30*  

82591B   "KING IN YELLOW"                  4  07-08-47  :29:40   

*na*     "THE SANDMAN"                     5  07-15-47  :29:30*  

*na*     "GOLD FISH"                       6  07-22-47  :29:30*  

*na*     ?? Title Unknown ??               7  07-29-47  :29:30*  

82592A   "TROUBLE IS MY BUSINESS"          8  08-05-47  :29:30   

   Total Number of Titles:   8                                * running time is approximate only
   Total Number of Programs: 9
   Total Possible Episodes:  9          Missing Programs: 5       Total Programs in Collection: 4

        STARS: Gerald Mohr
        Crime Drama
82592B   "THE RED WIND"                    1  09-26-48  :29:30   

82593A   "THE PERSIAN SLIPPERS"            2  10-03-48  :29:30   

82593B   "THE PANAMA HAT"                  3  10-10-48  :29:30   

82594A   "WHERE THERE'S A WILL"            4  10-17-48  :29:30   

82594B   "THE HEART OF GOLD"               5  10-24-48  :29:30   

*na*     "THE BLUE BURGONET"               6  10-31-48  :29:30   

*na*     "THE FLAMING ANGEL"               7  11-07-48  :29:30   

*na*     "THE SILENT PARTNER"              8  11-14-48  :29:30   

*na*     "THE PERFECT SECRETARY"           9  11-21-48  :29:30   

82595A   "THE HARD WAY OUT"               10  11-28-48  :29:30  When I started, I thought one man was
                                                                in trouble and three were trying to
                                                                help him.  But after I found two
                                                                pounds of tobacco, two pieces of brass
                                                                and a boat without a pilot heading
                                                                straight out to sea, I knew they had
                                                                all been in trouble.  And all had
                                                                taken the hard way out!

*na*     "THE UNHAPPY MEDIUM"             11  12-05-48  :29:30   

*na*     "THE JADE TEARDROP"              12  12-12-48  :29:30   

*na*     "THE THREE WISEGUYS"             13  12-19-48  :29:30   

82595B   "THE OLD ACQUAINTANCE"           14  12-26-48  :29:30  When it started, a girl's wedding and
                                                                New Year's Eve were only six hours
                                                                away.  And I didn't think the
                                                                bride-to-be would make either one of
                                                                them.  That was before I ran up
                                                                against a slot machine operator, the
                                                                escaped convict and above all, the old

82596A   "THE RESTLESS DAY"               15  01-08-49  :29:30  Show moves to Saturday.  They all knew
                                                                he was aboard the yacht when it
                                                                exploded and sank.  And everybody
                                                                called his death an accident.  That is
                                                                everybody except the corpse himself.
                                                                He said it was murder!

82596B   "THE BLACK HALO"                 16  01-15-49  :29:30  Somewhere in the cold persistent rain
                                                                that made the city seem a thing of
                                                                evil, a girl had disappeared _ and it
                                                                was my job to find her.  But before I
                                                                did, I found death and a devil!

82597A   "THE ORANGE DOG"                 17  01-22-49  :29:30   

98750A   "THE EASY MARK"                  18  01-29-49  :29:30*  

98752B   "THE LONG ROPE"                  19  02-05-49  :29:30*  

82597B   "THE LONESOME REUNION"           20  02-12-49  :29:30   

*na*     "THE FLYING TRAPEZE"             21  02-19-49  :29:30*  

*na*     "THE BIG MISTAKE"                22  02-26-49  :29:30*  

82598A   "FRIEND FROM DETROIT"            23  03-05-49  :29:30   

82598B   "GRIM HUNTERS"                   24  03-12-49  :29:30   

82599A   "THE DANCING HANDS"              25  03-19-49  :29:30   

82599B   "THE GREEN FLAME"                26  03-26-49  :29:30  When it started, it was simple, just a
                                                                law suit for damages.  But before it
                                                                was over, it was far from simple and
                                                                the damages were murder.

82600A   "THE LAST LAUGH"                 27  04-02-49  :29:30  It was a grim joke that started when
                                                                six heirs came to an ugly house on a
                                                                rain-swept island to hear a madman's
                                                                will.  But the joke soon turned to
                                                                murder.  And in the end, it was hard
                                                                to tell who had the last laugh

82600B   "NAME TO REMEMBER"               28  04-09-49  :29:30  A partner from Mexico City, a stranger
                                                                dead in Nevada, and the man with the
                                                                cauliflower ear _ all added up to a
                                                                corpse on a concrete floor.

82601A   "THE HEAT WAVE"                  29  04-16-49  :29:30  It was hot and still.  An August night
                                                                in the middle of April.  But that
                                                                didn't matter to the striptease dancer
                                                                in the golden mask.  Because murder
                                                                made her blood run cold the night the
                                                                heat wave struck

82601B   "CLOAK OF KAMEHAMEHA"            30  04-23-49  :29:30  It started at dawn in a Los Angeles
                                                                Taxi and wound up that night on a
                                                                cliff in the middle of the Pacific.
                                                                All because of a Dutchman with $5,000,
                                                                a corpse in a lily pond and an
                                                                oriental with a chauffeur who wanted a
                                                                cloak ... made of nothing but

82602A   "LADY IN MINK"                   31  04-30-49  :29:30  The thick fog that clung to Los
                                                                Angeles made the search for the girl
                                                                who was going to kill herself, slow
                                                                and uneasy.  By the end I would have
                                                                settled for that and more, because
                                                                murder happened twice before I found
                                                                the "Lady in Mink."

82602B   "FEMININE TOUCH"                 32  05-07-49  :29:30  An Iron Skull was their trademark.
                                                                Their business was climbing walls and
                                                                it was all done at 70 miles-per-hour.
                                                                But that was a cinch for the
                                                                death-cheaters, until they felt murder
                                                                and a "Feminine Touch."

82603A   "THE PROMISE TO PAY"             33  05-14-49  :29:30   It was only a gambler's marker.  A
                                                                promise to pay worth a thousand
                                                                dollars and I was hired to find it,
                                                                which sounded easy.  Until I realized
                                                                it meant the whole future to two men,
                                                                freedom to a third and death to the
                                                                girl in the cottage.

82603B   "NIGHT TIDE"                     34  05-21-49  :29:30  When it started, the tide was high in
                                                                the San Pedro Waterfront.  And a
                                                                hot-tempered kid had murder on his

82604A   "THE EBONY LINK"                 35  05-28-49  :29:30  It was ugly from the start this time.
                                                                Vicious blackmail that mushroomed into
                                                                murder and all because a wild artist
                                                                on a hilltop, a man in a wheelchair
                                                                and a redhead manicurist were held to
                                                                close one small Ebony

82604B   "THE UNFAIR LADY"                36  06-04-49  :29:30  I was hired to find a thief and I did,
                                                                a thousand miles from home.  But first
                                                                I found a lush with a luger, a fresh
                                                                corpse in the closet and all because
                                                                the only woman in sight wouldn't play

82605A   "THE PIGEONS BLOOD"              37  06-11-49  :29:30  This one had soft brown eyes and an
                                                                accent.  And she came to town with a
                                                                job to do.  But before it was done,
                                                                death had struck three times, then she
                                                                was gone.  And all because of thirty
                                                                drops of Pigeons blood, worth 150,000

82605B   "THE BUSY BODY"                  38  06-18-49  :29:30  This time it started as a routine
                                                                search for a rich girl's fianc‚e.  And
                                                                the trail led to a silent house
                                                                haunted by a face at the window and
                                                                blood in an open cedar chest.  But
                                                                before it was over, it became a search
                                                                for a corpse that wouldn't sit still!

82606A   "THE KEY MAN"                    39  06-25-49  :29:30  This one started as a threat of a
                                                                beating that turned into murder with a
                                                                brown-eyed blonde, a jovial
                                                                hippopotamus and a suspect soldier of
                                                                fortune.  All complicating the problem
                                                                till I got next to the key man.

82606B   "DUDE FROM MANHATTAN"            40  07-02-49  :29:30  This time it was going to be a
                                                                vacation in the wide-open spaces.
                                                                And a black stallion and a tiny
                                                                emerald and a battered horseshoe made
                                                                a twenty-four hour delay.  It could
                                                                have been worse.  Because to the Dude
                                                                from Manhattan, they meant death.

*na*     "THE QUIET NUMBER"               41  07-09-49  :29:30   

82607A   "THE HEADLESS PEACOCK"           42  07-16-49  :29:56  This one began with a bedlam and got
                                                                worse as I bumped into a burglar, a
                                                                bookie, a Boswell in a body and a big
                                                                shot called "B."  And before it was
                                                                over, everyone had lost his head
                                                                because the headless Peacock had

98750B   "THE MEXICAN BOAT RIDE"          43  07-30-49  :29:44  Program of 7-23 Pre-empted.  This time
                                                                I got a beating and gave one.  The man
                                                                who lived in the dark was afraid.
                                                                Someone I never met was murdered and a
                                                                knife wielding crab was destroyed.
                                                                All because a girl who hated the
                                                                water, took a boat ride in old Mexico

82607B   "THE AUGUST LION"                44  08-06-49  :29:55  It started with death on my doorstep,
                                                                and got worse when I lied to a
                                                                sympathetic Bull, was pistol-whipped
                                                                by a gorilla with dimples and fought
                                                                with a kitten on the keys.  It might
                                                                have gone on that way all-night if I
                                                                hadn't been helped by the King of the

82608A   "THE INDIAN GIVER"               45  08-13-49  :29:48  It started with an Indian gift of a
                                                                piece of pottery and lead to a brown
                                                                bear and moccasin, an archaeologist,
                                                                much laughing water and finally ...
                                                                death in an alley!

82608B   "THE LADY KILLER"                46  08-20-49  :29:30  This time inside of two hours, a
                                                                lavish mansion seized with suspicion,
                                                                a sealed cabin filled with gas in an
                                                                artist's retreat and a corpse on the
                                                                floor.  All because one was too
                                                                good-looking to be true ... to anyone!

82609A   "THE EAGER WITNESS"              47  08-27-49  :29:30  This started with a man on trial for
                                                                his life and an A-1 citizen eager to
                                                                testify.  But there it was
                                                                interrupted.  And it wasn't until I
                                                                found a corpse in a bubbling bath,
                                                                gunplay in the woods and lots of
                                                                blackmail, that the real "eager
                                                                witness" had a chance to talk!

82609B   "THE BUM'S RUSH"                 48  09-03-49  :29:30  The Lady Tourist was a schoolteacher
                                                                out after glamour, and she got it.
                                                                But only after she realized in
                                                                Hollywood, the three "R's" could be
                                                                readin', done in a dark room, writin'
                                                                found in a dead man's pocket and
                                                                `rithmatic that added up to murder ...
                                                                times two!

82610A   "RUSHTON HICKORY"                49  09-10-49  :29:30   

82610B   "THE BATON SINISTER"             50  09-17-49  :29:30   

82611A   "THE FATTED CALF"                51  09-24-49  :29:30  This time rain slashing a glass roof,
                                                                an old man's curiosity and an
                                                                imaginary imp out of place.  They all
                                                                became important when two people died
                                                                violently so a third could make a

82611B   "THE TAIL OF THE MERMAID"        52  10-01-49  :29:30  This started with a wreck and went
                                                                from there to double murder over
                                                                75,000 bucks worth of glitter, that
                                                                nobody got in the end.  Because I
                                                                found out just in time what was fishy
                                                                about the "Tale of the Mermaid"

82612A   "THE OPEN WINDOW"                53  10-08-49  :29:20  This started with a terrified woman
                                                                lost in a maze of memories she
                                                                couldn't explain.  And waiting for her
                                                                outside an open window ... was Death!

82612B   "THE STRANGLE HOLD"              54  10-15-49  :30:00   

82613A   "THE SMOKEOUT"                   55  10-22-49  :28:40  home recording - ending clipped

82613B   "THE GREEN WITCH"                56  10-29-49  :28:30  Halloween Program

82614A   "THE FINE ITALIAN HAND"          57  11-05-49  :29:30   

*na*     "THE GORGEOUS LYRE"              58  11-12-49  :29:30*  

*na*     "THE SWEET THING"                59  11-19-49  :29:30*  

82614B   "THE BIRDS ON THE WING"          60  11-26-49  :29:30  They dressed in red, white and blue
                                                                and jumped from an ancient biplane at
                                                                3500 feet, twice a day, every day and
                                                                nobody worried ... until 5 million
                                                                bucks went along just for the laughs
                                                                ... and death went along for the ride!
                                                                 GRACIE ALLEN IN CAMEO ROLL AT END OF

82615A   "THE KID ON THE CORNER"          61  12-03-49  :29:30  This time it started with a kid
                                                                hawking newspapers on Hollywood
                                                                boulevard. And moved from the to a
                                                                house full of hate on a quiet street,
                                                                a blonde liar on ice skates and a
                                                                corpse in a burned out shack.

82615B   "THE LITTLE WISHBONE"            62  12-10-49  :29:52   

*na*     "THE LOWEST BID"                 63  12-17-49  :29:30*  

*na*     "CAROL'S CHRISTMAS"              64  12-24-49  :29:30* Christmas Program

82616A   "THE HOUSE THAT JACQUELINE       65  12-31-49  :29:30* I was up the coast with two murders
         BUILT"                                                 behind me, telling it all to a nice
                                                                white-haired old lady, when the clock
                                                                struck twelve.

82616B   "THE TORCH CARRIERS"             66  01-07-50  :29:30   

82617A   "THE COVERED BRIDGE"             67  01-14-50  :29:30  This time everything that happened
                                                                from the orange-hared man with the
                                                                map, past the oaf with the pitchfork
                                                                to the body at the covered bridge was
                                                                wrong ... dead wrong!

82617B   "THE BID FOR FREEDOM"            68  01-21-50  :29:30  This time a twisted mind, a hole cut
                                                                in a wire fence and a corpse in a
                                                                storeroom, all added up to freedom.
                                                                But only for the one that had it

82618A   "THE HAIRPIN TURN"               69  01-28-50  :29:30  This time a fireball too handy with a
                                                                target piston led me down a rocky road
                                                                past a sleazy moneygrubber to a
                                                                curly-headed corpse.  And it might
                                                                have gotten worse, if I hadn't slowed
                                                                down at the hairpin turn!

82618B   "THE LONG ARM"                   70  02-07-50  :29:30  It happened in a place called Bay City
                                                                where I was unwelcome to a fat fry
                                                                cook with a secret and a dapper
                                                                gambler.  But to the long-arm of the
                                                                law, I was poison.  Show moves to

82619A   "THE GRIM ECHO"                  71  02-14-50  :29:30  It could have been perfect.
                                                                Snow-bound in a mountain lodge with a
                                                                girl who was falling in love.  But
                                                                also present were a widow sick with
                                                                rage, a bitter old woman and a jealous
                                                                man.  All with reason to hate me more
                                                                then anyone else in the world!

82619B   "THE LADIES NIGHT"               72  02-21-50  :29:30  This time a peddler of pulp paper
                                                                love, a blackmailer with muscles, a
                                                                south-of-the-border chiseler a
                                                                simpering prude and a corpse in a
                                                                bedroom all had one thing in common
                                                                --- each was a woman!

82620A   "THE BIG STEP"                   73  02-28-50  :29:30  This time a friend with millions, a
                                                                myopic chemist and a long-haired piano
                                                                player were thrown into a panic
                                                                because a brilliant young lady with a
                                                                gun was taking a big step --- in the
                                                                wrong direction!

82620B   "THE MONKEY'S UNCLE"             74  03-07-50  :29:30  This time I tangled with a mad
                                                                Scotsman, a phony English Lord and a
                                                                blonde corpse in a freight house ---
                                                                all because of a butler who walked on
                                                                his knuckles.

82621A   "THE VITAL STATISTIC"            75  03-14-50  :29:30   

82621B   "THE DEEP SHADOW"                76  03-21-50  :29:30   

82622A   "THE SWORD OF CEBU"              77  03-28-50  :29:30   

82622B   "THE MAN ON THE ROOF"            78  04-04-50  :29:30   

82623A   "THE ANNIVERSARY GIFT"           79  04-11-50  :29:30  William Conrad substitutes for Gerald
                                                                Mohr as Philip Marlowe.

82623B   "THE ANGRY EAGLE"                80  04-18-50  :29:30   

82624A   "THE HIGH COLLARED CAPE"         81  04-25-50  :29:30   

82624B   "THE SEA HORSE JOCKEY"           82  05-02-50  :29:30   

82625A   "THE HIDING PLACE"               83  05-09-50  :29:30   

82625B   "CLOAK OF KAMEHAMEHA"            84  05-16-50  :29:30  RERUN OF 4/23/49

82626A   "THE FOX'S TAIL"                 85  05-23-50  :29:30   

82626B   "THE BEDSIDE MANNERS"            86  05-30-50  :29:30   

82627A   "THE UNEASY HEAD"                87  06-06-50  :29:30   

82627B   "FACE TO FORGET"                 88  06-14-50  :29:30  Show moves to Wednesday

82628A   "GOLDEN COBRA"                   89  06-21-50  :29:30   

82628B   "THE PELICAN'S ROOST"            90  06-28-50  :29:30   

82629A   "THE GIRL FROM PITCHFORK         91  07-05-50  :29:30   

82629B   "THE IRON COFFIN"                92  07-12-50  :29:30   

82630A   "THE LAST WISH"                  93  07-19-50  :29:30  Harold Dryanforth, Jack Edwards, Jack
                                                                Kruschen, June Foray, Lawrence Dobkin,
                                                                Lynn Allen, Stan Waxman

82630B   "THE GLASS DONKEY"               94  07-28-50  :29:30  Show moves to Friday

82631B   "THE PARROT'S BED"               95  08-04-50  :25:50  No music bridges - show body only.

82631A   "THE QUIET MAGPIE"               96  08-11-50  :29:34   

82632A   "THE DARK TUNNEL"                97  08-18-50  :29:30   

82632B   "THE COLLECTOR'S ITEM"           98  08-25-50  :29:30   

82633A   "THE SOFT SPOT"                  99  09-01-50  :29:30   

82633B   "THE FIFTH MASK"                100  09-08-50  :29:30   

82634A   "THE FINAL PAYMENT"             101  09-15-50  :29:30   

82634B   "THE WHITE CARNATION"           102  09-22-50  :29:30   

82635A   "THE BIG BOOK"                  103  09-29-50  :29:30  Series left the air at this point
                                                                until 7-7-51

82635B   "THE SEASIDE SABATICAL"         104  07-07-51  :29:30  Beginning of a new series run   Show
                                                                moves to Saturday

82636A   "THE DEAR, DEAD DAYS"           105  07-14-51  :29:30   

82636B   "LIFE CAN BE MURDER"            106  07-21-51  :29:30   

82637A   "GOOD NEIGHBOR POLICY"          107  07-28-51  :29:30   

82637B   "THE LONG WAY HOME"             108  08-04-51  :29:30   

*na*     "FRIDAY'S CHILD"                109  08-11-51  :29:30   

82638A   "YOUNG MAN'S FANCY"             110  08-18-51  :29:30   

98751A   "HEIR FOR G-STRING"             111  08-25-51  :29:30   

98751B   "NETHER NETHER LAND"            112  09-01-51  :29:30   

98752A   "THE MEDIUM WAS RARE"           113  09-08-51  :29:30   

82638B   "SOUND AND THE UNSOUND"         114  09-15-51  :29:30  LAST SHOW OF THE SERIES

   Total Number of Titles:   114                              * running time is approximate only
   Total Number of Programs: 114
   Total Possible Episodes:  114        Missing Programs: 15      Total Programs in Collection: 99

       BBC  Production
       SUSTAINED   STARS: Ed Bishop
82639    "THE BIG SLEEP"                   1  09-26-77 1:30:00   

71606    "THE HIGH WINDOW"                 2  10-17-77 1:30:00*  

71608B   "LADY IN THE LAKE  PART 1"        3  11-07-77  :28:08   

71609A   "LADY IN THE LAKE  PART 2"        3  11-14-77  :28:08   

71609B   "LADY IN THE LAKE  PART 3"        3  11-21-77  :27:44   

71610A   "THE LITTLE SISTER  PART 1"       4  12-05-77  :28:04   

71610B   "THE LITTLE SISTER  PART 2"       4  12-12-77  :28:01   

71610A   "THE LITTLE SISTER  PART 3"       4  12-19-77  :27:55   

82640    "THE LONG GOODBYE"                5  01-16-78 1:30:00   

71607A   "FAREWELL MY LOVELY  PART 1"      6  09-23-88  :28:03   

71607B   "FAREWELL MY LOVELY  PART 2"      6  09-30-88  :28:45   

71608A   "FAREWELL MY LOVELY  PART 3"      6  10-07-88  :28:55   

   Total Number of Titles:   12                               * running time is approximate only
   Total Number of Programs: 12
   Total Possible Episodes Are Unknown  Missing Programs: N/A     Total Programs in Collection: 12
   Overall Series Totals
    Total Number of Titles:   134
    Total Number of Programs: 135
    Total Possible Episodes:  135       Missing Programs: 20      Total Programs in Collection: 115
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