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    Post or Modify Date: August 2, 00
Catalog# Title                         Episode  Date    Hours   Stars/Comments
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        NBC   SUSTAINING      Tuesdays 9:30 - 10:00
        STARS: Frank Sinatra    SCRIPTS: Ernest Kinoy and George Lfferts
        Rocky took various jobs and also took on a variety of trouble.
        As soon as the movie "From Here To Eternity" took hold at the box
        office, Frank Sinatra dropped doing any further radio programming of
        this type so the series ended at week 26, episode 25                     
80688A   "OYSTER SHUCKER"                  1  10-06-53  :25:00* Rocky is an Oyster Shucker  AKA: "The
                                                                Pearl Smugglers"

80688B   "STEVEN IN A REST HOME"           2  10-13-53  :25:00* Rocky is a Chauffeur. Aka: "Insurance
                                                                Fraud" "Steven Crandel"

80689A   "SHIPBOARD JEWEL ROBBERY"         3  10-20-53  :25:00* Rocky is a Ship's Steward

80689B   "PINTSIZED PAYROLL BANDIT"        4  10-27-53  :25:00* Rocky is a Short Order Cook at an
                                                                all-night diner

80690A   "MESSENGER FOR MURDER"            5  11-10-53  :25:00* Georgia Ellis  Rocky is a Messenger
                                                                Boy.  AKA: "$100 An Hour Murder"  Show
                                                                of 11-3 pre-empted for ellection

80690B   "A HEPCAT KILLS THE CANARY"       6  11-17-53  :25:00* Jack Kruschen  Rocky is a Bass Player.
                                                                 AKA: "A Little Jazz Goes A Long Way"

80691A   "MURDER ON THE ISLE"              7  11-24-53  :25:00* Arnold Moss  Rocky is a drama critic's
                                                                bodyguard.  AKA: "Nursemaid To A Drama

80691B   "MURDER AMONG THE STATUES"        8  12-01-53  :25:00* Jan Minor  Rocky is an Art Store
                                                                handyman.  AKA: "Parlormaid To A

80692A   "CARNIVAL ONE WAY"                9  12-08-53  :25:00* Barney Philips  Rocky is looking for a
                                                                job with the carnival.  AKA: "The Kid
                                                                And The Carnival", "Fortune Teller At
                                                                The Carnival", "Missing Boy"

80692B   "COMPANION TO A CHIMP"           10  12-15-53  :25:00* Herb Vigrin  Rocky is a Paid Companion

80693A   "THE PLOT TO MURDER SANTA        11  12-22-53  :25:00* Mary McGovern  Rocky is a Department
         CLAUS"                                                 Store Detective.  AKA: "Department
                                                                Store Santa"  Christmas Program

80693B   "PRIZE FIGHT SETUP"              12  12-29-53  :25:00* Barney Philips  Rocky is a Prize
                                                                Fighter - unwillingly

80694A   "ON THE TRAIL OF A KILLER"       13  01-05-54  :25:00* Barney Philips  AKA: "Love And Death",
                                                                "Sister Ellie Is Dead"

80694B   "RODEO MURDER"                   14  01-12-54  :25:00* Don Diamond  Rocky is an
                                                                Administrative Assistant or Errand
                                                                Boy.  AKA: "Ride 'Em Cowboy"

80695A   "THE MUSEUM MURDER"              15  01-19-54  :25:00* June Foray  Rocky is a Museum Tour
                                                                Guide.  AKA: "Museum Of Ancient

80695B   "HAULING NITRO"                  16  01-26-54  :25:00* Lynn Allen  Rocky is a Truck driver.
                                                                AKA "Hollywood Or Boom"

80696A   "FOOTBALL FIX"                   17  02-02-54  :25:00* Lou Krugman  Rocky is a Bodyguard to a
                                                                Football Player

80696B   "CATSKILLS COVER-UP"             18  02-09-54  :25:00* Barney Philips  Rocky is a Social

80697A   "TOO MANY HUSBANDS"              19  02-16-54  :23:50  Betty Lou Gerson  Rocky is a Hit Man
                                                                AKA: "The Too Much Married Blond"

80697B   "DECOY FOR DEATH"                20  02-23-54  :25:00* Kay Stewart  AKA: "The Organ Grinder",
                                                                "Hit List"

80698A   "THE DOCTOR'S DILEMMA"           21  03-02-54  :25:00* Raymond Burr  Rocky is a Process
                                                                Server.  AKA: "The Drug Addict"

80698B   "INCIDENT IN A BAR"              22  03-09-54  :25:00* Paul Frees  AKA: "Let's Find A
                                                                Murderer", "Fresh Corpse"

80699A   "PSYCHOLOGICAL MURDER"           23  03-16-54  :25:00* Marvin Miller  AKA: "The Little Voice
                                                                Of Murder", Witness To A Will",
                                                                "Witness To A Kill"

80699B   "ROCKET RACKET"                  24  03-23-54  :25:00* Howard McNear  Rocky is a rocket
                                                                passenger.  AKA: "Rocket To The
                                                                Morgue", "Zenith Foundation"

80700A   "BOARDING HOUSE DOUBLECROSS"     25  03-30-54  :25:00* Rocky tries to rent a room

    Total Number of Titles:   25
    Total Number of Programs: 25
    Total Possible Episodes:  25        Missing Programs: None    Total Programs in Collection: 25
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