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    Post or Modify Date: January 20, 22                
Catalog# Title                         Episode  Date    Hours   Stars/Comments
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 Series: "ROMANCE OF RHYTHM"                               
        Mutual WOR  Sustained
        Stars: Evelyn Case and Jack Arthur
        Music: Nat Brusiloff Orchestra
42800 B  "MAY I HAVE THE NEXT ROMANCE      1  03-23-37  :15:00* Incomplete - Part 1 of 2 only.  "May I
         WITH YOU"                                              Have The Next Romance With You",
                                                                "Close To Me", "Don't Love Again"

42800 C  "TOO MARVELOUS FOR WORDS"         2  03-30-37  :29:56  "Too Marvelous For Words", "Love, What
                                                                Are You Doing To My Heart", "You're
                                                                Precious To Me", "September In The
                                                                Rain", "Let's Call The Whole Thing
                                                                Off", "Hey Babe"

42801 A  "WAS IT RAIN"                     3  04-06-37  :29:39  "Was It Rain", Bubble Song",
                                                                "Carelessly", "Blue Hawaii", "Bamboo
                                                                Bridge", "Gee, But You're Swell"

42801 B  "DID ANYONE EVER TELL YOU"        4  04-26-37  :23:32  Show moves to new day and time.  "Did
                                                                Anyone Ever Tell You", Can't Help
                                                                Lovin' That Man Of Mine", "Moonlight
                                                                And Shadows", "Love Bug"

42802 A  "SEPTEMBER SONG"                  5  05-03-37  :30:00* "September Song", "Secret Heart",
                                                                "When Love Is Young", "With A Song In
                                                                My Heart", "Let's Sing Again"

42802 B  "THIS LONELY DAY"                 6  05-17-37  :30:00* "This Lonely Day", "Why Do I Love
                                                                You", "Where Or When", "Merry Go
                                                                Round".  Program of 5-10-37

42803 A  "MAN IN THE MOON"                 7  05-24-37  :30:00* "Man In The Moon", "Johnny One Note",
                                                                "I Buy Old Clothes", "But Where Are
                                                                You", "Moonlight And You "All God's
                                                                Children Got Rhythm", "My Heart Stood
                                                                Still", "Merry Go Round Broke Down"

42803 B  "I KNOW NOW"                      8  05-31-37  :30:00* "I Know Now", "Serenade In Nite",
                                                                "First Time I Saw You", "3 Musketeers"

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