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     Post or Modify Date: September 30, 07
Catalog# Title                         Episode  Date    Hours   Stars/Comments
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        CBS   SEARS      Monday through Friday 8:00 - 8:00
84310A   "RETRIBUTION"                     1  02-05-79  :60:00* John McIntyre, Jeanette Nolan, Jack
                                                                Manning, Vic Perrin, Herb Vigran,
                                                                Tyler McVey, Daws Butler.  Frontier
                                                                couple, stuck with 160 acres of sparse
                                                                Idaho land, try to palm it off by
                                                                claiming it's brimming with gold.  by
                                                                Ted Sherdeman.

84311B   "AND BABY MAKES FOUR"             2  02-06-79  :60:00* Elliott Reid, Mary Jane Croft, Elvia
                                                                Allman, Doris Singleton, Byron Keane,
                                                                Lenore Kingston, Sidney Miller.  A
                                                                lovable, but battling young couple who
                                                                even fight over who will be the first
                                                                to walk away from their marriage.  by
                                                                Shirley Gordon.

84312C   "HOSTAGES"                        3  02-07-79  :60:00* Shepard Menken, Virginia Gregg, Vic
                                                                Perrin, Sarah Selby, Norman Alden,
                                                                Tyler McVey, Olan Soule.  Wife of a
                                                                police lieutenant and the staff of a
                                                                bank are held hostage after a robbery
                                                                of the bank.  by Ken Girard

84313D   "HILDY"                           4  02-08-79  :60:00* Fletcher Markle, Jean Howell, Vance
                                                                Colvig, Barney Phillips, Lou Krugman,
                                                                Herb Rudley, Linda Gary.  A commercial
                                                                artist, suffers a paralyzing injury to
                                                                his right arm and hand.  by Ted

84314A   "THE CHOOSING"                    5  02-09-79  :60:00* Dane Clark, Hans Conried, Mary Jane
                                                                Croft, Parley Baer, Norman Alden,
                                                                Patricia Anne Joyce, Shepard Menken.
                                                                Six survivors of an airplane crash in
                                                                an African jungle must decide which
                                                                one of them will face execution by a
                                                                firing squad.  by Steve Sharon.

84315B   "LEAVIN' CHEYANNE"                6  02-12-79  :60:00* John Dehner, Don Johnson.  Old cook
                                                                and a young wrangler can't agree about
                                                                returning to town to settle a fight
                                                                they'd lost.  by Percy Granger.

84316C   "SHOULD OLD ACQUANTANCE BE        7  02-13-79  :60:00* Eve Arden, Brooks West, Mary Jane
         FORGOT"                                                Croft, Hy Averback, Joan McCall.  A
                                                                quick two-week whirlwind courtship
                                                                ends in marriage, and maybe also for
                                                                the friends of the newly married
                                                                couple.  by Shirley Gordon.

84317D   "THE THIRTEENTH GOVERNESS"        8  02-14-79  :60:00* Howard Duff, Linda Kaye Henning,
                                                                Deborah Walley, Lurene Tuttle, Marvin
                                                                Miller, Ben Wright, Sidney Miller,
                                                                Peggy Webber.  Young man shot to death
                                                                in a park where 13 governesses are
                                                                sitting, a baby carriage in front of
                                                                each.  by Elliott Lewis.

84318A   "THIS HOME IS DISOLVED"           9  02-15-79  :60:00* Peter Leeds, Linda Kaye Henning,
                                                                Lurene Tuttle, Marvin Miller, Virginia
                                                                Gregg, Paula Winslowe, Jerry Hausner.
                                                                A young couple battling to find a
                                                                suitable rest home for two very
                                                                elderly ladies.  by Chris Fortunato.

84319B   "THE CLIMB"                      10  02-16-79  :60:00* Vic Perrin, Stephen Markle.
                                                                ("Cataclysm At Carbon River"
                                                                originally scheduled for tonight).
                                                                Two Colorado mountain climbers
                                                                struggle to reach safety before the
                                                                sun sets, one of them temporarily
                                                                blinded by a fall.  by Bruce Martin.

84320C   "THE FINAL FALL"                 11  02-19-79  :60:00* William Schallert, Parley Baer, Lurene
                                                                Tuttle, Don Diamond, Daws Butler, Bill
                                                                Zuckert.  A half-breed Indian gets
                                                                into all kinds of trouble when the
                                                                U.S. government tries to run him off
                                                                his land with a check for $ 10,000.
                                                                by Percy Granger.

84321D   "THE TROUBLE MAKER"              12  02-20-79  :60:00* Jim Jordan (Fibber McGee), Mike
                                                                Gellman, Shirley Mitchell, Mary Jane
                                                                Croft, Rolfe Sedan, Elvia Allman,
                                                                Frank Nelson, Sidney Miller, Herb
                                                                Rudley, Herb Vigran, Jerry Hausner.  A
                                                                disgruntled stockholder vow to take on
                                                                a giant corporation and bring it to
                                                                its knees.  by John L. Greene.

84322A   "THE QUIJA SPELLS MURDER"        13  02-21-79  :60:00* Louise Heath, Joan McCall, Sam
                                                                Edwards, Howard Culver, Shepard
                                                                Menken.  Two young women get involved
                                                                searching for the "Sidewalk Slasher,"
                                                                with the aid of a toy ouija board.  by
                                                                Shirley Gordon.

84323B   "I WANT HIM DEAD"                14  02-22-79  :60:00* Vic Perrin, Peggy Webber, Noelle
                                                                North, Barney Phillips, Byron Kane,
                                                                Shepard Menken, Alyce Heath, Jack
                                                                Carol.  by David Chomsky.   (Slight

84324C   "THEN THERE WERE NONE"           15  02-23-79  :60:00* Keith Andes, Peter Leeds, Sam Edwards,
                                                                Janet Waldo, Mary Jane Croft, Monty
                                                                Margetts, Jack Kruschen ("Climb" was
                                                                originally scheduled for tonight).
                                                                Spaceship with a crew of five is
                                                                forced to land in an uncharted, but
                                                                apparently inhabited, planet.  by Ted

84325D   "THE AFRO WESTERNER"             16  02-26-79  :60:00* Brock Peters, Parley Baer, Peggy
                                                                Webber, Norman Alden, Len Birman,
                                                                William Lally, Marvin Miller,  A young
                                                                African from Liberia visits Laramie,
                                                                Wyoming, where his grandparents had
                                                                lived for 13 years.  by Odie Hawkins.

84326A   "THE CARE AND FEEDING OF A SEX   17  02-27-79  :60:00* Alan Young, Joan McCall, Jean
         SYMBOL"                                                Gillespie, Brian Miller, Stacey
                                                                O'Brien, Joyce Reed, Vance Colvig
                                                                (Break in the News),  A Hollywood
                                                                talent scout thinks that he has
                                                                discovered another Marilyn Monroe.  by
                                                                Shirley Gordon.

84327B   "WANDA"                          18  02-28-79  :60:00* Russi Taylor, Peggy Webber, Barney
                                                                Phillips, Len Birman, Byron Kane,
                                                                Sarah Shelby, Herb Vigran, Mike
                                                                Gellman, Barbara Townsend, Lurene
                                                                Tuttle.  A 14-year-old girl insists
                                                                that she is the sister named Wanda,
                                                                but does Wanda really exist?  by
                                                                Bernard Girard.

84328C   "THE LONG NIGHT"                 19  03-01-79  :60:00* Naomi Stevens, Vic Perrin, Jennifer
                                                                Penny, Jerry Hausner.  Three people,
                                                                who have never spoken to one another,
                                                                spend a night together, stuck in an
                                                                elevator.  by Pamela Russell.

84329D   "THE MCGUFFY CONNECTION"         20  03-02-79  :60:00* William Schallert, Ben Wright, Shepard
                                                                Menken, Peggy Webber, Richard Peel,
                                                                Rai Tasco, Jack Kruschen.  ("Then
                                                                There Were None" was originally
                                                                scheduled for tonight).  As a cover, a
                                                                U.S. narcotics agent opens a school
                                                                for the natives in an African seaport.
                                                                 by Ted Sherdeman.

84330A   "THE LADY AND THE OUTLAW"        21  03-05-79  :60:00* Antoinette Bower, Len Birman, Norm
                                                                Alden, Virginia Gregg, Brian Miller,
                                                                Ben Wright, Vance Colvig.  An English
                                                                gentlewoman asks an alcoholic outlaw
                                                                to help her climb Long's Peak.  by
                                                                Shirley Gordon.

84331B   "OH, BROTHERS"                   22  03-06-79  :60:00* Corey Burton, Tony Pope, Steven Keats,
                                                                Janet Waldo, Byron Kane.  Two brothers
                                                                fall for the same beautiful girl whom
                                                                they meet, at different times.  by
                                                                Mark Twain.

84332C   "CARMILLA"                       23  03-07-79  :60:00* Antonette Bower

84333D   "NO GREATER DREAM"               24  03-08-79  :60:00* Fletcher Markle

84334A   "THE TOUGH GUY"                  25  03-09-79  :60:00* John Dehner

84335B   "POWDER RIVER POLICY"            26  03-12-79  :60:00* Sam Edwards

84336C   "WHERE GUARDIAN ANGELS FEAR TO   27  03-13-79  :60:00* Olin Soule

84337D   "GOING HOME"                     28  03-14-79  :60:00* Ann Givin, Jack Kruschen

84338A   "SOMETIME EVERY SUMMERTIME"      29  03-15-79  :60:00* Lynn Burman

84339B   "THE WRATH OF ZEUS"              30  03-16-79  :60:00* Mary Jane Croft

84340C   "THE FEMALE OF THE SPECIES"      31  03-19-79  :60:00* Sam Edwards

84341D   "GETTING DRAFTED"                32  03-20-79  :60:00* Elliott Lewis, Marvin Miller

84342A   "MUSHROOMS, DARLING"             33  03-21-79  :60:00* Ben Wright, Marvin Miller

84343B   "AN HONEST MAN"                  34  03-22-79  :60:00* Mary Jane Croft

84344C   "THE MERCENARIES"                35  03-23-79  :60:00* Lloyd Bochner

84345D   "ACE IN THE HOLE"                36  03-26-79  :60:00* John Dehner

84346A   "THE TERRIBLE DREAM OF MR.       37  03-27-79  :60:00* Stars: Alan Young, Mary Jane Croft,
         GLITCH"                                                Frank Nelson, Jesse White, Sandra
                                                                Gould, Jerry Hausner, Benny Rubin,
                                                                Michael Gellman, Bill Baldwin, Dawes
                                                                Butler, Shepard Menken, Shirley
                                                                Mitchell, Herbert Rudley.  A man has a
                                                                dreadful dream, that as he tries to
                                                                withdraw $25 from his bank, the master
                                                                computer declares he never had an
                                                                account with the bank, and that he's
                                                                been dead for 6 1/2 months.  by
                                                                Michael Utvich & Michael Gellman.

84347B   "CAJUN DEBT"                     38  03-28-79  :60:00* Tommy Cook

84348C   "FIRST STAR TONIGHT"             39  03-29-79  :60:00* Ann Burr

84349D   "FLIGHT OF THE STARBIRD"         40  03-30-79  :60:00* Patricia Joyce

84350A   "CONSPIRATORS AT THE GOLDEN      41  04-02-79  :60:00* Len Birman, Dawes Butler, Ben Wright

84351B   "AS YOU WISH"                    42  04-03-79  :60:00* Norman Alden

84352C   "IMPROVISATION"                  43  04-04-79  :60:00* Shepard Menken

84353D   "A MATTER OF PRIORITIES"         44  04-05-79  :60:00* Peggy Webber

84354A   "A SHORT HISTORY OF BAC HA"      45  04-06-79  :60:00* Tommy Cook, Keith Andes, Marvin
                                                                Miller, Daws Butler, Lillian Buyeff,
                                                                Tom Drake, Norman Alden, Sam Edwards.
                                                                Writer: Andy Nance.  A G.I. in Vietnam
                                                                is willing to risk his life to settle
                                                                a disput between a Vietnamese holy man
                                                                and the U.S. Army.

84355B   "OUT OF COLORADO"                46  04-09-79  :60:00* Irene Tedrow

84356C   "FONTAINE HARRIS, LE BARON DE    47  04-10-79  :60:00* Pat Butram

84357D   "THE HAM THAT CRIED WOLF"        48  04-11-79  :60:00* Parley Baer

84358A   "MY HERO"                        49  04-12-79  :60:00* Patricia Joyce

84359B   "THE CURSE OF PRINCESS           50  04-13-79  :60:00* Byron Kane

84360C   "THE DUKE OF NEVERS"             51  04-16-79  :60:00* Len Birman

84361D   "HOZZONER HAMLET"                52  04-17-79  :60:00* Les Treymayne

84362A   "THE OLD BOY"                    53  04-18-79  :60:00* Elliott Lewis

84363B   "THE SEASON OF GLAD SONGS"       54  04-19-79  :60:00* Frances Bay

84364C   "BRUJA"                          55  04-20-79  :60:00* Janet Waldo, Virginia Gregg

84365D   "ABILENE"                        56  04-23-79  :60:00* Host: Lorne Greene.  Stars: John
                                                                Dehner, Barney Phillips, Eddie
                                                                Firestone, Fletcher Markle, Howard
                                                                Culver, Jack Carroll, John Dehner, Len
                                                                Birman, Norman Alden, Parley Baer, Tom
                                                                Brown  Writers: James Knots, Michael

84366A   "HENRY MORGAN MISHMASH"          57  04-24-79  :60:00* Henry Morgan

84367B   "THE SABBATICAL"                 58  04-25-79  :60:00* Jeff Corey

84368C   "BABY, BABY"                     59  04-26-79  :60:00* Stars: Patricia Joyce, Len Birman,
                                                                Jean Howell, Byron Kane, Julie
                                                                Bennett.   Writer shows compassion for
                                                                a recently divorced woman, until he
                                                                discovers she's pregnant.  Writer:
                                                                Patricia Joyce.

84369D   "THE ODYSSEY OF THE VIGILANT"    60  04-27-79  :60:00* Greg Mullavey

84370A   "HENRY BOY BROWN"                61  04-30-79  :60:00* Host: Lorne Greene   Stars: Don
                                                                Blakely, Daws Butler, Marvin Miller,
                                                                Peggy Webber, Barney Phillips, Don
                                                                Diamond, Jack Carroll, Howard Culver
                                                                Writer: Odie Hawkins

84371B   "GUESS WHO'S COMING TO           62  05-01-79  :60:00* Writer: Ken Gerard   Host: Andy
         CALIFORNIA"                                            Griffith   Stars: Carol Cook, Shepard
                                                                Menken, Cliff Norton, Gene Gillespie,
                                                                Elliott Lewis

84372C   "MINIATURES"                     63  05-02-79  :60:00* Writer: Ken Gerard   Host: Vincent
                                                                Price   Stars: Paula Winslowe, Vic
                                                                Perrin, Gladys Holland, Mary Jane
                                                                Croft, Stan Waxman, Vance Colvig

84373D   "THE OTHER GRANDMOTHER"          64  05-03-79  :60:00* Writer: Pamela Russell  Hostess:
                                                                Cecily Tyson   Stars: Corey Burton,
                                                                Virginia Gregg, Gene Howell, Irene
                                                                Tedrow, Barbara Townsend, Paula

84374A   "ANNE BONNY'S GOLD"              65  05-04-79  :60:00* Host: Richard Widmark   John Dehner

84375B   "THE LOVERS"                     66  05-07-79  :60:00* June Lockhart, John Larch

84376C   "HERE'S HENRY MORGAN AGAIN"      67  05-08-79  :60:00* Henry Morgan, Bill Baldwin, Virginia
                                                                Gregg, Dawes Butler

84377D   "THE ASSASSIN"                   68  05-09-79  :60:00* Ivor Barry, Antoinnette Bower,
                                                                Shephard Menken

84378A   "OVER NIGHT GUEST"               69  05-10-79  :60:00* Stanley Dyrector

84379B   "MILWAUKEE DEEP"                 70  05-11-79  :60:00* Barney Phillips

84380C   "BULL STORY"                     71  05-14-79  :60:00* Norman Alden, Parley Baer

84381D   "A VERY NICE COUPLE"             72  05-15-79  :60:00* Alan Young

84382A   "THE NIGHTMARE"                  73  05-16-79  :60:00* Writer: Ann Heath   Host: Vincent
                                                                Price   Stars: Joan McCall, Hans
                                                                Conried, Howard Culver, Irene Tedrow,
                                                                Joe Moross, Rhoda Williams.  A woman
                                                                wakes up screaming because she's just
                                                                witnessed her own death.

84383B   "MR. CHAN"                       74  05-17-79  :60:00* Writer: Odie Hawkins   Hostess:
                                                                Cecily Tyson   Stars: Joseph
                                                                Campanella, Marvin Miller, Paula
                                                                Winslowe, Don Diamond, Lou Horne,
                                                                Corey Burton, Maidy Norman, Don

84384C   "COUNTRY OF FEAR"                75  05-18-79  :60:00* Writer: Bruce Martin   Host: Richard
                                                                Widmark   Stars: Joan McCall, Jack
                                                                Kruschen, Brian Farrell, Virginia
                                                                Gregg, Vic Perrin, Lillian Buyeff,
                                                                Marvin Miller, Howard Culver, Tom

84385D   "THE LEGEND"                     76  05-21-79  :60:00* Writer: John Vornholt   Host: Lorne
                                                                Greene   Stars: Parley Baer Lou Horne,
                                                                Marvin Miller, Tommy Cook, Vivi
                                                                Janniss, Daws Butler, Elliott Lewis

84386A   "HERE'S HENRY MORGAN AGAIN"      77  05-22-79  :60:00* Henry Morgan

84387B   "A TEST OF LOVE"                 78  05-23-79  :60:00* Antoinette Bowers

84388C   "MUNCY'S MOB"                    79  05-24-79  :60:00* Barney Phillips

84389D   "THE LONE VOYAGER"               80  05-25-79  :60:00* Janet Waldo

84390A   "NEITHER SNOW NOR RAIN"          81  05-28-79  :60:00* John McIntyre

84391B   "THE STRANGER AFFLICTION"        82  05-29-79  :60:00* Writer: Norman Corwin.  Host: Andy
                                                                Griffith.  Stars: Nanette fabrey,
                                                                Steve Franklin, Mary Jane Croft, True
                                                                Boardman, Janet Waldo, Fletcher
                                                                Markle, Byron Kane, Parley Baer

84392C   "A LEADING CASE"                 83  05-30-79  :60:00* Writer: Michael Raffetto  Host:
                                                                Vincent Price  Stars: Lurene Tuttle,
                                                                Byron Kane, Anne Gibbon, Stan Waxman,
                                                                True Boardman, Steven Roberts, Herb
                                                                Rudley, Marvin Miller

84393D   "THE GREAT MARCH"                84  05-31-79  :60:00* Writer: Patricia Joyce  Host: Cecily
                                                                Tyson   Stars: Shepard Menken, Mary
                                                                Jane Croft, Janet Waldo

84394A   "MCGUFFY'S HONG KONG             85  06-01-79  :60:00* Writer: Ted Sherdeman   Host: Howard
         CONNECTION"                                            Duff    Stars: William Schallert,
                                                                Peggy Webber, Shepard Menken, Tommy
                                                                Cook, June Foray, Richard Peel, Gene
                                                                Howell, Ben Wright

84395B   "A POOR ORPHAN GIRL"             86  06-04-79  :60:00* Writer: Percy Grainger    Host: Lorne
                                                                Greene   Stars: Noelle North, Sam
                                                                Edwards, John Larch, Mary Jane Croft,
                                                                Jack Manning, Barney Phillips

48765    "QUARTET IN NOTHING"             87  06-05-79  :60:00* Shephard Menken

84397D   "A WHISPER IN MY EAR"            88  06-06-79  :60:00* Writer: Steve Sharon   Host: Vincent
                                                                Price   Stars: Antoinette Bowers,
                                                                Howard Culver, Jack Carroll, Len
                                                                Birman, Vic Perrin

84398A   "A SENSE OF PRIDE"               89  06-07-79  :60:00* Writer: Odie Hawkins   Hostess:
                                                                Cecily Tyson   Stars: Daws Butler,
                                                                Gaye Nelson, Helen Martin, Marvin
                                                                Miller, Nick Latour

84399B   "WHITE OUT"                      90  06-08-79  :60:00* Joan McCall, Tommy Cook

84400C   "COTTONWOOD"                     91  06-11-79  :60:00* John Larch

84401D   "LAST RESORT"                    92  06-12-79  :60:00* Marvin Kaplan

84402A   "THE PERFECT HOSTESS"            93  06-13-79  :60:00* Marvin Miller

84403B   "A PIECE OF FLESH"               94  06-14-79  :60:00* Vic Perrin

84404C   "AMERICAN FAMILY ROBINSON"       95  06-15-79  :60:00* ÿ

84405D   "INCIDENT AT RED BUTTE"          96  06-18-79  :60:00* Lou Horn

84406A   "THE ADVANCEMENT OF VERN         97  06-19-79  :60:00* ÿ

84407B   "ANNIVERSARY"                    98  06-20-79  :60:00* Joan McCall

84408C   "WHOSE WHO"                      99  06-21-79  :60:00* Fletcher Markle

84409D   "A BRIEFCASE OF TROUBLE"        100  06-22-79  :60:00* Tommy Cook

84410A   "OLD BONES"                     101  06-25-79  :60:00* John Dehner

84411B   "A WEEKEND PASS"                102  06-26-79  :60:00* Writer: Odie Hawkins   Host:  Andy
                                                                Griffith   Stars: Barney Phillips,
                                                                Brock Peters, Helen Helen Miller, Jack
                                                                Kruschen, Peggy Webber, Robert Dockey,
                                                                Robin Braxton

84412C   "A GAME OF CAT AND MOUSE"       103  06-27-79  :60:00* Tyler McVey

84413D   "THE HAMSTER CAPER"             104  06-28-79  :60:00* ÿ

84414A   "SHAW NAMAH"                    105  06-29-79  :60:00* Lloyd Bochner

84414B   "PANTHER"                       106  07-02-79  :60:00* Joan McCall

84416C   "HERE COMES THE BRIDE AGAIN"    107  07-03-79  :60:00* Harriet Nelson

84417D   "MELISSA"                       108  07-04-79  :60:00* Russi Taylor

84418A   "BILLY D. BURTON"               109  07-05-79  :60:00* Writer: Odie Hawkins   Hostess: Cecily
                                                                Tyson   Stars: Robert Dockey, Robin
                                                                Braxton, Helen Martin, Steven Markle,
                                                                Byron Kane, Joan McCall, Ben Wright,
                                                                Peggy Webber

84419B   "VIENNA THREE AND FOUR"         110  07-06-79  :60:00* Ivor Barry

84420C   "KATTIE MACBETH"                111  07-09-79  :60:00* Virginia Gregg

84421D   "JACK AND THE ENERGY CRUNCH"    112  07-10-79  :60:00* ÿ

84422A   "GIRL ON THE BILLBOARD"         113  07-11-79  :60:00* Joan McCall

84423B   "SPRING CLEANING"               114  07-12-79  :60:00* Virginia Gregg

84424C   "TWO FACES OF EVIL"             115  07-13-79  :60:00* Barney Phillips

84425D   "PUNISHMENT AND CRIME"          116  07-16-79  :60:00* Parley Baer

84426A   "CROWN JEWELS OF GRANDOMIR"     117  07-17-79  :60:00* ÿ

84427B   "THE JOKE IS ON GUESS WHO?"     118  07-18-79  :60:00* ÿ

84428C   "SURVIVAL"                      119  07-19-79  :60:00* Mary Jane Croft

84429D   "THE VISIT"                     120  07-20-79  :60:00* Stephen Markle

84430A   "UNCLE ZORA COMES TO THE PIG    121  07-23-79  :60:00* Writer: Patricia Joyce  Host: Lorne
         FESTIVAL"                                              Greene  Stars: Virginia Gregg, Joan
                                                                McCall, Irene Tedrow, Parley Baer,
                                                                Corey Burton

84431B   "FONTAINE HARRIS IN HOLLYWOOD"  122  07-24-79  :60:00* Writer: Ken Gerard   Host: Andy
         ÿ                                                      Griffith   Stars: Pat Buttram, Barney
                                                                Phillips, Harold Peary, Jack Kruschen,
                                                                Shepard Menken, Sandra Gould, William

84432C   "THE RANSOM"                    123  07-25-79  :60:00* Writer: Percy Grainger  Host: Vincent
                                                                Price  Stars: Lurene Tuttle, Vic
                                                                Perrin, Steven Markle, Jack Carroll,
                                                                Barney Phillips, Don Diamond

84433D   "REUNION"                       124  07-26-79  :60:00* Writer: Pamela Russell   Host: Cecily
                                                                Tyson  Stars: Virginia Gregg, Parley
                                                                Baer, Sidney Swire, Jack Carroll,
                                                                Howard Culver, Jack Manning

84434A   "THE VALUE OF A HUNCH"          125  07-27-79  :60:00* Vic Perrin

84435B   "TROOPER LOPEZ"                 126  07-30-79  :60:00* Len Birman

84436C   "BALDIE"                        127  07-31-79  :60:00* Shepherd Menkin

84437D   "VOODOO LADY"                   128  08-01-79  :60:00* Writer: Odie Hawkins   Host: Vincent
                                                                Price   Stars: David Downing, Hans
                                                                Conried, Helen Martin, June Foray, Kim
                                                                Hamilton, Robin Braxton

84438A   "WRITER'S BLOCK"                129  08-02-79  :60:00* Writer: Odie Hawkins   Hostess: Cecily
                                                                Tyson   Stars: David Downing, Linda
                                                                Kay Henning

    Total Number of Titles:   129
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