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    Post or Modify Date: February, 25, 1999
Catalog# Title                         Episode  Date    Hours   Stars/Comments
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        NBC   SEALTEST ICE CREAM      Thursdays 9:30 - 10:00 pm
        STARS: Dorothy Lamour, Eddie Bracken, Frank Nelson
        MUSIC: Henry Russell Orchestra with The Crew Chiefs
        ANNOUNCER: Hal Gibney
82484A   "WAITING ROOM"                    1  09-09-48  :29:40  Ozzie Nelson, Harriet Nelson, David
                                                                Nelson, Ricky Nelson, Gregory Peck

82484B   "SIR LANCELOT OF THE LAKE"        2  09-16-48  :29:40  Ray Milland.  Writer: Milton Geiger

82485A   "THE LOVE PACT"                   3  09-23-48  :29:40  William Powell, Alan Young, Hans
                                                                Conreid, Jeff Chandler

82485B   "THE PIRATE OF ORLEANS"           4  10-07-48  :29:40  Ronald Colman.  Writer: Jean Holloway

82486A   "THE NEW WORLD"                   5  10-14-48  :29:40  Robert Young, Bob Hope

82486B   "HAPPY ENDING"                    6  10-21-48  :29:40  Dick Powell, Bud Abbott & Lou Costello
                                                                (service station routine)

82487A   "BORIS KARLOFF'S HALLOWEEN        7  10-28-48  :29:40  Boris Karloff, Jack Carson, Peter
         PARTY"                                                 Leeds   Halloween Program

82487B   "SLIGHT OF HAND"                  8  11-04-48  :29:40  Edward G, Robinson, Jimmy Durante.
                                                                Writer: Milton Geiger

82488A   "DON & DOTTIE, DAYTIME SERIAL"    9  11-11-48  :29:40  Don Ameche, Jerry Colona, Earle Ross,
                                                                Jerry Hausner

82488B   "THE CAVALCADE OF TONY MARTIN    10  11-18-48  :29:40  Tony Martin, Harold Peary

82489A   "ROOTIN' TOOTIN' WESTERN"        11  11-25-48  :29:40  Donald O'Connor, John Lund, Peter
                                                                Leeds, Frank Nelson, Alan Reed

82489B   "LUM `N ABNER"                   12  12-02-48  :29:40  Paul Lukas, Lum `n Abner

82490A                                    13  12-09-48  :29:40  Jack Benny, George Murphy, Veola Vonn,
                                                                Lou Merrill.  Writers: Howard Harris,
                                                                Hugh Wedlock, Howard Snyder.

82490B   "FIBBER MCGEE AND MOLLY"         14  12-16-48  :29:40  Jim Jordon & Marion Jordan, Edward

82491A   "CHRISTMAS SHOW"                 15  12-23-48  :29:40  Victor Moore, Pat O'Brien.  Christmas

82491B   "NEW YEAR'S EVE"                 16  12-30-48  :29:40  Lional Barrymoore, Garry Moore, Ken
                                                                Christy, Herb Vigran.  New Year's

82492A                                    17  01-06-49  :29:40  Cornel Wilde, Ed Gardner (Archie of
                                                                Duffy's Tavern)

82492B   "WOMEN'S CLUB SITE"              18  01-13-49  :29:40  Gene Kelly, Dennis Day, Verna Felton

82493A                                    19  01-20-49  :29:40  Lloyd Nolan, Eddie Cantor, Sara Berner

82493B                                    20  01-27-49  :29:40  Douglas Fairbanks Jr., Red Skelton,
                                                                Alan Reed, Lurene Tuttle.  Judy Canova
                                                                appears at the end to promote
                                                                donations to the March of Dimes.

82494A                                    21  02-03-49  :29:40  Joan Davis, Robert Cummings, Elvia

82494B                                    22  02-17-49  :29:40  Dean Martin, Jerry Lewis, Charles
                                                                Laughton.   Program of 2-10

82495A   "HUSBAND-WIFE BREAKFAST SHOWS    23  02-24-49  :29:40  Brian Donlevy, Alan Reed, Mary Jane
         AND DETECTIVE SHOW PARODYS"                            Croft

82495B   "THE GREAT GILDERSLEEVE"         24  03-03-49  :29:40  Harold Peary, Brian Ahern

82496A                                    25  03-10-49  :29:40  Richard Wiemark, Bob Burns, Eleanor
                                                                Audley, Sandra Gould

82496B   "LIVE FROM THE SHAMROCK HOTEL    26  03-17-49  :29:40  Van Johnson, Ed Gardner.   Well-known
         -- REALLY LIVE!"                                       engineering fiasco from the Shamrock
                                                                Hotel Emerald Room.  During the first
                                                                part of the broadcast the microphones
                                                                are wired wrong and conversation in
                                                                the engineer's booth is heard.  The
                                                                show can be heard over the hotel
                                                                speakers from a distance.  In spots,
                                                                the frustrated engineers can be heard
                                                                using profanity.  Even after that
                                                                problem is corrected, the hotel crowd
                                                                of some 1600 people still can't hear
                                                                the broadcast and can be heard milling
                                                                around and talking, sometimes quite
                                                                close to the microphone.

82497A                                    27  03-24-49  :29:40  David Niven, Alan Young

82497B                                    28  04-07-49  :29:40  Burt Lancaster, Sam Edwards, Alan
                                                                Reed.  Eddie Bracken becomes a regular
                                                                cast member at this point.  Includes a
                                                                blooper during the Sealtest commercial
                                                                and a brief reference to the Shamrock
                                                                Hotel fiasco of 3-17.  Program of 3-31
                                                                Pre-empted for speech by Winston

82498A                                    29  04-14-49  :29:40  Victor Mature, Elliott Lewis, Elvia

82498B                                    30  04-21-49  :29:40  Edgar Bergen

82499A   "BETTING ON A HORSE RACE"        31  04-28-49  :29:40  Rudy Vallee, Alan Reed, Elvia Allman

82499B                                    32  05-05-49  :29:40  Sidney Greenstreet

82500A   "JOAN WANTS EDDIE TO BE HER      33  05-12-49  :29:40  Joan Davis, Dink Trout

82500B   "HOW TO BECOME A FIGHTER"        34  05-19-49  :29:40  Kirk Douglas, Alan Young, Elvia
                                                                Allman, Wally Maher

82501A                                    35  05-26-49  :29:40  James Stewart, Herb Vigran

82501B                                    36  06-02-49  :29:40  Charles Laughton, Bea Benederet

82502A   "THE NEW NEIGHBOR"               37  06-09-49  :29:40  Robert Ryan, Arthur Q. Bryan

82502B   "QUIZ SHOW SPOOF"                38  06-16-49  :29:40  Garry Moore, Sheldon Leonard, Peter

82503A                                    39  06-23-49  :29:40  Boris Karloff

82503B                                    40  06-30-49  :29:40  Dan Durea, Elvia Allman, Jerry
                                                                Hausner, Sheldon Leonard

82504A                                    41  07-07-49  :29:40  Candy Candido, Gloria Holiday

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    Total Number of Programs: 41
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