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    Post or Modify Date: May 11, 15
Catalog# Title                         Episode  Date    Hours   Stars/Comments
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        "Millions For Defense"
8897 B1  "INFORMATION PLEASE"              1  07-02-41  :59:53  Host: Clifton Fadiman  Stars: Oscar
                                                                Levant, John Kieran, Franklyn P.
                                                                Adams). Charles Laughton with a good
                                                                reading of the "Gettysburgh Address,"
                                                                a remote from Philadelphia for the
                                                                ringing of the Liberty Bell. Barry
                                                                Wood sings, "Any Bonds Today?", Fred
                                                                Allen, Grace Moore, Herman Wouk, John
                                                                Kieran, Judy Garland, Mickey Rooney,
                                                                Oscar Levant, Ray Bloch and His Choir.
                                                                 Independence Day Program.

50595    "HOST: TYRONE POWER"              5  07-30-41 1:01:00  Host: Tyrone Power.  Stars: Don
                                                                Ameche, Jack Benny, Claudette Colbert,
                                                                Bette Davis, Jane Froman, Mary
                                                                Livingstone, Barry Woods, Ray Bloc's
                                                                Choir, Al Goodman Orchestra.

111      "THE SONGS OF AMERICA"            7  08-13-41  :60:00* Host: Al Jolson.  Al Goodman
                                                                Orchestra, Barry Wood, Bidu Sayao,
                                                                Henry Fonda, Martha Stewart, Arch
                                                                Oboler, Lou Merrill, Davey Lee, The
                                                                Ray Block Chorus, Horace Braham.

        "Millions For Defense"
        NBC/Blue Network  Sustained
111                                        4  10-21-41  :30:00* Announcer: Larry Elliott.  Stars:
                                                                Robert Montgomery, Noel Coward, Graham
                                                                McNamee, Carmen Miranda, Ricardo
                                                                Cortez, Barry Wood, Frank Lovejoy.
                                                                (Incomplete - 2nd half only.

99373    "CHRISTMAS SHOW"                 13  12-23-41  :56:39  MC: Fredric March, Edward Arnold,
                                                                Fanny Brice, Marlene Dietrich, Judy
                                                                Garland, Tito Fazard, The King's Men,
                                                                John Nesbitt, Alan Reed, Alec
                                                                Templeton, Victor Young's Orchestra,
                                                                Barry Wood and the Treasury Bond
                                                                Orchestra.    Christmas Program

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   Total Number of Programs: 2
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    Total Number of Titles:   4
    Total Number of Programs: 5
    Total Possible Episodes:  5         Missing Programs: None    Total Programs in Collection: 5
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