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    Post or Modify Date: February 14, 15
Catalog# Title                         Episode  Date    Hours   Stars/Comments
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        CBS    MOBIL OIL COMPANY      Wednesdays 9:30 - 10:00pm
        PRODUCER/DIRECTOR/HOST: Orson Welles    MUSIC: Lud Gluskin Orchestra
        STARS: Agnes Moorehead, Hans Conreid, John McIntire, Walter Tetley,
        John Brown, The All Star Jazz Group (trumpet: Mutt Carey, trombone:
        Kid Ory, clarinet: Jimmy Noone, piano: Buster Wilson, Guitar: Bud
        Scott,  Bass: Ed Garland, drums: Zutty Singleton)                        
86096A   "GUEST: GROUCHO MARX"             1  01-26-44  :30:00  Ray Collins, Martha Stewart: "Besame
                                                                Mucho", Orchestra: "I Know That You

86096B   "GUEST: LIONEL BARRYMORE"         2  02-02-44  :29:40  Robert Benchley

*na*     "GUEST: ANN SOTHERN"              3  02-09-44  :29:50*  

*na*     "GUEST: ROBERT BENCHLEY"          4  02-16-44  :29:50* Kay Thompson

86097A   "GUEST: HEDDA HOPPER"             5  02-23-44  :29:30  The King Cole Trio: "Hit That Jive

86097B   "GUEST: VICTOR MOORE"             6  03-01-44  :29:30  The King Cole Trio: "Solid Potato

86098A   "GUEST: LUCILLE BALL"             7  03-08-44  :29:30  Ella Mae Morse: "Shoo Shoo Baby"
                                                                Drama: Case Of The Blue Blood Stain

86098B   "GUEST: CHARLES LAUGHTON"         8  03-15-44  :29:30  The All Star Jazz Group: "High

86099A   "GUEST: BETTY HUTTON"             9  03-22-44  :29:10  Betty Hutton: "His Rocking Horse Ran

86099B   "GUEST: MARY BOLAND"             10  03-29-44  :29:10  The All Star Jazz Group: "Muskrat

86100A   "GUEST: DENNIS DAY"              11  04-05-44  :29:00  Dennis Day: "Beseme Mucho", The All
                                                                Star Jazz Group: "That's A Plenty"

86100B   "GUEST: MONTE WOOLLEY"           12  04-12-44  :29:10  Billy Gilbert   The All Star Jazz
                                                                Group: "Panama Rag"

*na*     "GUEST: GEORGE JESSEL"           13  04-19-44           

*na*     "GUEST: CAROLE LANDIS"           14  04-26-44           

*na*     "GUEST: LUCILLE BALL"            15  05-03-44  :29:50* Joan Ewards   From: Terminal Island
                                                                Navel Air Station

*na*     "GUEST: JIMMY DURANTE"           16  05-10-44  :29:50*  

86101A   "ANN SOTHERN FOR PRESIDENT"      17  05-17-44  :29:30  The All Star Jazz Group:

86101B   "GUESTS: THE WILDE TWINS, LOIS   18  05-24-44  :30:00  The Wilde Twins, Lois Collier.  From
         COLLIER"                                               ATC, Fresno, California

86102A   "DONOVAN'S BRAIN SPOOF"          19  05-31-44  :29:00  Marjorie Reynolds, Charlie Cantor,
                                                                Martha Tilton: "Take It Easy", The All
                                                                Star Jazz Group:   From ATC, Fresno

86102B   "INVASION SPECIAL"               20  06-07-44  :29:30  "D-Day" drama  Agnus Moorehead, Hans
                                                                Conreid and the The Mercury Theatre

86103A   "TEX-ARKANA"                     21  06-14-44  :30:00  Barton Yarborough

86103B   "FROM THE WRIGLEY BUILDING,      22  06-21-44  :30:00  Ethel Waters: "Stormy Weather", Martha
         CHICAGO ILLINOIS"                                      O'Driscol

86104A   "FROM CAMP HAWN, RIVERSIDE       23  06-28-44  :30:00  Lynn Bari, Martha Tilton: "A Good
         CALIFORNIA"                                            Man", The All Star Jazz Group: "New
                                                                Orleans Funeral March"

86104B   "FROM WILIMINGTON CALIFORNIA"    24  07-05-44  :30:00  Keenan Wynn, Lana Turner, The All Star
                                                                Jazz Group:

86105A   "GUEST: SUSAN HAYWARD"           25  07-12-44  :30:00  Kay Thompson, Verna Felton, Lou
                                                                Merrill, The All Star Jazz Group:
                                                                "Royal Garden Blues"

86105B   "GUEST: RUTH TERRY"              26  07-19-44  :30:00  Ruth Terry: "Is You Is Or Is You
                                                                Ain't", Miguelito Valdez: "Babalu",
                                                                Lou Merrill, Hans Conreid

        PRODUCER/DIRECTOR/HOST: Orson Welles
111                                           09-16-45  :30:00*  

111                                           10-21-45  :30:00*  

111                                           11-25-45  :30:00*  

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